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Comment: Re:I'll move to IPv6 (Score 1) 406

by goldarg (#34652612) Attached to: Military Pressuring Vendors On IPv6

Try one of these: http://www.roc-noc.com/product.php?productid=201&cat=4&page=1 or if you need GigE: http://www.roc-noc.com/product.php?productid=342&cat=4&page=1 .

It's not OpenWRT based, and it's not on NewEgg but they are very cool routers. I've used native IPv6 on them and used a HE.net tunnel with them without any issue.

Comment: Divide and Duplicate! (Score 1) 763

by goldarg (#32119490) Attached to: How Do You Handle Your Keys?

I have multiple vehicles and thus multiple sets of keys, I realized I had too many keys if I kept them all together and the possibility of loosing all my keys at once was a fear. So I made a bunch of copies of my House key and made multiple key rings:

I have a keyring for the Truck that has the Truck keys + a House key.

I have a keyring for my Honda Fit that has my Fit Key + a House key + The Mail keys as I always go get mail with the Fit.

I have a keyring for my Stella that is the Stella Key + a House key.

I have a keyring for my Yamaha that is the Yamaha Key + a House key.

I have a keyring that has my Shed Key + a House key.

So, with the exception of the Fit Key Ring having the Mail keys I always have the minimum keys needed to get to my other key sets which I keep in my house.

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