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+ - Another meteorite can explode over the Chelyabinsk region tonight->

Submitted by gold928s
gold928s writes: (Translated from Russian) According to the federal media, another meteorite can explode over the Earth today, 15 February, in the evening at 23:00.
The explosion of the first flying object was felt throughout the Chelyabinsk region, as well as in the neighboring Sverdlovsk, Tyumen and Kurgan regions, injuring 100, three seriously. Windows shattered and some buildings were affected. Many amazing videos of the sonic boom and trail surfacing on Youtube.

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+ - Hollywood blocking IMDB listing of free film-> 1

Submitted by gold928s
gold928s writes: A respected Sydney filmmaker has been stopped five times from listing his film on the IMDB..and he thinks its because he wants to distribute it for free over Bittorrent. Independant producer Enzo Tedeschi said he tried five times since June to get the film, The Tunnel listed on the Internet Movie Database, IMDb.com. But each time it has been rejected and Mr Tedeschi — who has had other films accepted — believes it is because he wants to distribute it through BitTorrent
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