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Whatever Happened To Second Life? 209

Posted by Soulskill
from the i-blame-ralph dept.
Barence writes "It's desolate, dirty, and sex is outcast to a separate island. In this article, PC Pro's Barry Collins returns to Second Life to find out what went wrong, and why it's raking in more cash than ever before. It's a follow-up to a feature written three years ago, in which Collins spent a week living inside Second Life to see what the huge fuss at the time was all about. The difference three years can make is eye-opening."

Comment: Candy is a gateway drug (Score 1) 205

by gogebic (#29690819) Attached to: Candy Linked To Violence In Study
Sonny: Man this yoo-hoo is good. You know what else is good? Smoking dope. I ain't gonna rat you out. You know. Puff a cheeba, go by the seesaw, smoke a jay, you know what I'm talking about. Kid 1: I have a bellybutton. Sonny: You have a bellybutton, we all have belly buttons. And we all love yoo-hoo. Especially yoo-hoo with a little rum. Kid 2: What's rum? Sonny: You don't know what rum is? Kid 2: Rumplestiltskin? Sonny: Rumplestiltskin....Rumplestiltskin was a good man. You're good kids. Stay clean, stay focused, stay strong. Have fun with your friends, Frankenstein. (

Comment: If I were Dr Evil ... (Score 1) 129

by gogebic (#23947657) Attached to: Scandinavian Scientists Designing Robotic Snakes
If I were Dr Evil (gratuitous wikipedia link, I would immediately invest 50% of my net worth into robotic snake research.

I would not rest until every man, woman, and child were at constant risk from robot-snake-carried explosives, lasers, poisons, and clenching razor-sharp titanium jaws.

Robotic snakes not just on *a* plane, but on *every* plane.

What an indescribably beautiful day for technology.

They'll never top this, never.

Real programmers don't bring brown-bag lunches. If the vending machine doesn't sell it, they don't eat it. Vending machines don't sell quiche.