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Comment: Re:I still think that it's a waste (Score 1) 159

by godscent (#23687065) Attached to: Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition Launches

For people who want to play at whatever the D&D world has for cons or even drop in game at random stores, etc, it's probably more of a problem since if they are all playing 4.0 you need to too.

Good point. For those that want to play in the competitions, they are probably out of luck, if they want to continue playing older versions. If they want to play at cons or gaming stores, I bet they can still find older version games to play in, though I'm sure they're rarer. And if they offer to DM a game, I'm sure they'll find players. There are plenty of people who won't switch, or will only switch grudgingly, who would be happy to play an older version.

And I still use Office 2000. :)

Wii Internet Connection Reverse Engineered 166

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the probably-violating-some-sort-of-lame-law dept.
AlexTheBeast writes "By packet sniffing his Wi-Fi connection, this hacker has already begun to dig into the internet interactions of the new Nintendo Wii. Basically, by using Firefox and after setting the user agent correctly, anybody can easily browse many WiiShop pages including the WiiShop main page and startup manual. More advanced connections including binary and virtual console downloads are currently in the works. Come join the project."

Air pollution is really making us pay through the nose.