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Comment Re:Image/Video libraries (Score 1) 92

Indeed, CPU cost is a real problem. The key in a compression algorithm for a network storage server is to be able to perform compression/decompression without much impact on latency and bandwidth. Also in these days of massive server farm, the impact on energy consumption might be interesting to see; but it is difficult to measure directly as compression might result in less disk spinning, machine kept on, but more CPU usage.
An interesting engineering problem overall.

Comment Re:I'm not sure this is the right response (Score 4, Insightful) 171

I do not think many people are celebrating these hackers. I have no personal stakes in the story but I follow it because I find it socially interesting. It shows that security of webservices is critical to the life of many people. Ashley Madison is one thing with measurable but small social impact. If facebook's database was made public, the uproar would be much bigger.

Overall, this story makes it more clear why I would rather not participate in so called social networks. And it also gives a good example to give my student when talking about SQL injection, stack overflows and user input validation in general.

Comment Thank you Dr. Loubani! (Score 2) 10

Thank you for making the world a better place.

I really appreciate your humbility. And I am glad somebody like you found the time to do what you did. I am a CS professor in the US and try to contribute by teaching what I know and contributing online. But you went the extra mile.


Comment Re:Why would you want this? (Score 1) 66

So what is the difference with this new fancy API.
You will GET the entire file.
Then you do whatever locally.
And then PUT it back.

How is this ANY different? There is no specification in POSIX that prevent you from doing that in the background while still exposing a POSIX API.

Now if the argument is that, if you do something like "grep something s3://foo/bar; grep something_else s3://foo/bar" and that is inefficient because it requires the transfer of the file twice. First you could cache a hash to avoid redownloading the file. And then it is purely a performance issue which like all performance issue requires you to understand what is going on under the hood and act appropriately.

Comment Why would you want this? (Score 3, Interesting) 66

I do not understand this at the highest level. How is this an improvement over POSIX? My understanding is that object storage is essentially a dumbed-down file system where you have to read the entire object (file) at once. Or have to write the object (file) at once. Why does it improve anything? Is it just because the "address" can be a url? Just write that as a specific file system so that you can read/write to /dev/url/http/ and be done with it.

What am I missing?

Comment Re:Misdirection (Score 1) 414

I find it interesting that the chart comparing "time to H1B cap" to "unemployement" and showing correlation is taken as proof that H1B help employement. It reads to me the complete inverse.

If when there is more unemployment we hire less H1B, it indicates that H1B are used similarly to domestic hires since they follow the same pattern.

Comment Re:God damnit (Score 2) 337

I do not know Apple's worker demographic. But at college level, we see wide variations. In CS majors, females only represent about 20% of the student population. Provided that female are also more likely socially to be the one to sacrifice their career for their family, it might be VERY hard to get to over 35% of female worker in your software business.

The issue with diversity in CS is not a college level problem. Only few female student register for the class and they do not really come to information sessions about the program. Overall, I'd say the root cause is much before college. It is in the gender stereotypes. I was in Barnes and Nobles last week and passed by the children's book section. One side was labeled boys books and had books about trains, cars and plane. The other was labeled girls books and was about princesses, fashion and poneys.

Comment Re:not the only coutry (Score 1) 236

I don't know the history but I always assumed it was to be aligned with trading partners : germany, belgium, luxembourg, italy, netherland and switzerland, ...
There is a lot of communication and traffic between these countries. It makes things easier. One hour difference is no big deal. But having to adjust clock and foresee time difference whenever you travel is annoying and can easily cause confusion.

Comment git? (Score 1) 78

If you are patching at the code level, I believe that git is a very good option. Because the git repository can be moved as a standard directory and essentially contains all the patches and history. So even if the customer as custom patches, they can probably easily rebuild around it.

And since a git repository is essentially a directory, you can simply put it on a disk or flash drive and send it by snail mail or courier.

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