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Comment Re:We should not protect them (Score 1) 340

In this scenario, the university can not know if I am guilty or innocent. Therefore, it can not side with me and it can not side with the student. The only position for the university is not to protect me and let the legal system sort it out.
At no point did I say that the university should throw the instructor to the lions. I am saying that it should not protect the instructor because it is not its institutional responsibility. The university should leave it to the lawyers. There is no upside for the university, let's look at the two cases:

If the university sides with the instructor and the instructor is found guilty, it will be said that the university encourages sexual harassment.
If the university sides with the instructor and the instructor is found innocent, it will be said that the university covered it up.

Comment Re:No protection but still a dilemma (Score 1) 340

I completely aggree with this. I am not saying we should throw them to the lions. Just let the process work in the most transparent way. When the story reaches you, contact the authorities and let the investigation take its course. In the meantime, offer administrative leave to the instructor and to postpone the class to the student, offer legal and psychological advice to both. I don't know what else the institution can do.

Comment Re:No shit sherlock .. (Score 5, Insightful) 340

You quote : "when he was a young, boyish looking professor at Cornell, Feynman used to pretend to be a student so he could ask undergraduate women out .. Feynman .. trying to get women in bars to sleep with him .. documented affairs with two married women"

I have no idea whether this quote is correct or not. But pretending to be a student seems to pretty much rule out sexual harassment. You do not sexually harass by pretending to have less control on the other person than you actually have. Or you are the worse harasser in history...

Comment Re:Academia is willing to protect total dicks (Score 4, Informative) 340

That is the main problem with sexual harassement. Once a sexual harassement case appear, the consequences of being wrong will be terrible in either case:
1/ either you let a sexual harasser free.
2/ or you destroy the life of an innocent.

Neither of these options are preferable. And because it is so hard to get evidence of these, it often ends in "he said/she said". So everyone wants to tiptoe around it.

Comment We should not protect them (Score 4, Insightful) 340

"How far should academic communities go to protect their intellectual capital, at the expense of further harm to their students, past and present?"

As a male university professor, my answer to this is very clear. We should not protect them. For many reasons:
1/ You begin brilliant does not mean you can do whatever you want.
2/ For most of us, we can do our research from a prison cell.
3/ Our students are the main product of academic life. We all love to believe that our research is the most important. But realistically we have the opportunity to touch the mind (the mind I said!) of hundreds of students each year. They will be our legacy, let's make it good one!

Comment Re:Garrett misrepresents Linus opinion on securele (Score 1) 688

I never had a look at secure mode before. But it seems like a too coarse approach to me. You can not cut privilege level in three blocks and claim that is all you need. You might want access to some devices but not other, access to some part of the network but not other. secure mode looks too blocky to be useful in a real scenario.

Comment Re:1%? (Score 1) 239

Isn't the top-1% in the US around $400K a year? If so, a $250,000 space trip is not that crazy.

$400K/year is the kind of salary that strat getting a high investment/expense ratio. Also the kind of salary that eventually buy $200,000 cars. So a once in a lifetime $250,000 expense is not necessarily out of the question.

Comment Re:Does it matter? (Score 2) 92

That is so untrue. What are you talking about!?
PCI-express is much faster than the late AGP, PCI and ISA buses, you get over 15GB/s from one GPU to an other one. SATA and SCSI have had a good run, but are being remplaced by PCI-express for high throughput devices. In clusters, Infiniband decreased latency massively compared to ethernet, and gives you bandwidth of over 100Gb/s.

So surely, the interconnect is a factor slower than devices, but that's pretty much always has been the case.

Comment Re:Kill h1b, but add more tech green cards (Score 1) 231

I have an H1B right now, and I'll be receiving my green card soon. So I understand what you are saying. The H1B ties you to one employer which means that you are not free to move around.
I would actually think that it would be better to keep the H1B visa but remove the provision of tying the visa to a job. If you are good enough to obtain an H1B, you can work whereever for, say, 5 years.

You keep people mobile, and you keep them temporary so that you have time to make up your mind which ones you want to keep and which ones you want to cut. (Which is already what happens through the green card process.)

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