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Comment Re:Does it matter? (Score 2) 89

That is so untrue. What are you talking about!?
PCI-express is much faster than the late AGP, PCI and ISA buses, you get over 15GB/s from one GPU to an other one. SATA and SCSI have had a good run, but are being remplaced by PCI-express for high throughput devices. In clusters, Infiniband decreased latency massively compared to ethernet, and gives you bandwidth of over 100Gb/s.

So surely, the interconnect is a factor slower than devices, but that's pretty much always has been the case.

Comment Re:Kill h1b, but add more tech green cards (Score 1) 227

I have an H1B right now, and I'll be receiving my green card soon. So I understand what you are saying. The H1B ties you to one employer which means that you are not free to move around.
I would actually think that it would be better to keep the H1B visa but remove the provision of tying the visa to a job. If you are good enough to obtain an H1B, you can work whereever for, say, 5 years.

You keep people mobile, and you keep them temporary so that you have time to make up your mind which ones you want to keep and which ones you want to cut. (Which is already what happens through the green card process.)

Comment Re:Semi-OT: Why does plain text still exist? (Score 1) 106

Well, I am not sure what they were doing with that data. But if you are going to make any kind of multi pass analysis on it, you probably don't want to pay the runtime cost of encryption/decryption. Also, if your system has any kind of external connectivity, it is typically for authorized querying of the data, so the system certainly needs a way to decrypt it.

Comment Popular games (Score 3, Insightful) 281

Actually, I think the most important games to get to run on Linux are games that are popular with the general gaming population. Videos games are parts of 21st century general culture. Being able to access (play) them would be a good step forward.

Of course, I'd love some weirder, less common games to be available as well.

Comment Re:I don't care for Elsevier, but ... (Score 2) 125

I completely aggree with that. You need to cite something. Is it different that it is a elsevier article or a paper edition of the new york time, or a book ? In all cases if you want to read it, you'll have to pay for accessing the information.

Comment Re:Biking while intoxicated (Score 4, Insightful) 696

Is there really a story here? It seems that these numbers are normalized to a random population and not to the cyclist population. According to the number of cyclist rose sharply in that period as well.

As far as I can tell, there are more cyclist injuries mostly because there are more cyclist. Per mile accident rates are more meaningful than an absolute out of context number.

That being said, I chose not to bike to work because the drivers where I live (Charlotte,NC) are complete nuts and there are no bike path I can take.

Comment Re:And we care because...why? (Score 2) 280

I certainly care. I love computer science and I would love to do anything that can push the field forward.
Right now, in my college, only 20% of our CS students are female. What this tells me is part of the female population is not as attracted to the field than male. I do not know why. But it means that if we could attract them as well as we attract men, we would have higher enrollments. And so the top 10% would likely to be smarter.
In other word, I care about having more female in CS becasue I am afraid we are missing out on very smart people.

Comment I don't see how this helps (Score 1) 50

I don't get how this helps.
They are saying they might be able to predict air pollution. That is very different from doing anything to fight against air pollution. I guess you need to understand it first before you can do anything about it.
But I don't think the model will significantly help our understanding of air pollution to fix it. We know where the pollution comes from. we just need to cut the source.

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