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Comment Re:What's the viable alternative? (Score 1) 155

I've seen college graduates who don't even know who Knuth is.

To be frank, no one really cares who Knuth is. Knuth infused computer science to the point where many classic algorithms are Knuth's and we just don't mention it. The shuffle algorithm is a good example of that, it is so classic that it seems to have existed since the dawn of time. The same effect happens with string search, most people will refer it as "string search", or "linear string search". Only people interested in the problem call it KMP; almost never I hear it called Knuth-Morris-Pratt.

Knuth is a legend, he is part of computer science.

Comment Re:1 title slashdoters will hate (Score 1) 123

In particular I hate that title because it is completely unclear because it has two numerals in the first three words. "7 pictures of dogs you will love" is fine. But "7 Swift 2 features are amazing" is hard to parse. "Seven Swift 2 features are amazing" is MUCH easier to parse.

It always amazes me that many people write without thinking of how the text will be read.

Comment Re:Eventually... But not yet (Score 1) 406

How else can I connect to those projectors if not VGA?

Are you serious? I have not seen a projector without DVI in the last 10 years.
All the projectors that I use have a bazillion connectors. You can connect VGA, RCA, DVI, HDMI and other stuff I am not even sure what are. You can even connect from the network and broadcast images with virtually no lost of quality.

Comment Re:Misleading press release (Score 2) 149

I don't see the problem. The guy has won European tournaments in the last three year. He is not the world champion, but he is certainly no joke. Beating him shows significant improvement in the quality of the machine playing Go. And it certainly is an important step in getting asian players to accept to play against the machine.

Comment Re:What about Private Property Rights? (Score 1) 81

I am no expert in the US legal system. But my understanding is that at any location, federal, state and city law apply. There might be federal regulation and additional state regulation for any particular thing. For instance, in North Carolina, you need your car to be inspected yearly for various regulation check.

Is there a particular reason operating a flying vessel would be different? Don't you feel it is legal for a state to put regulations on what you can use as a commercial landing zone through the state congress?

Comment Re:Reasonable encryption balance, for e-mail? (Score 1) 184

The problem with encrypting emails is "who performs the encryption/decryption?" If the gmail server performs the crypto, then it is pretty much useless. If the client performs the encryption/decryption, then you get two problems: key management, and loss of service. If the server does not have the full text, then you can not use server side server, indexing, .... which have become standard tools.

Comment Re:4 orders of magnitude? (Score 1) 44

So a gpu like titanx get you about 2Tflop/s and 350GB/s of memory bandwidth. A modern core i7 with 8 cores gets you about 100Gflop/s and about 50GB/s of memory bandwidth. If you are looking at integer ops you get similar ratios.

So assuming you can saturate both architecture, you should see a difference of roughtly a factor of 10. If your application saturates one architecture and not the other one, I could buy an other factor of 10 with a bit of arguing. But to have an other factor of 100, you need to do something completely ridiculous.

Comment 4 orders of magnitude? (Score 1) 44

Really, 4 orders of magnitude? 10000 times faster with GPUs than CPUs? I call bullshit. You might get a factor of 100 if you pick a SoA GPU and a shitty CPU. But comparing things of similar generation, you will not get a factor of 100 on modern hardware. So either they are not in base 10, or there is BS going on.

Comment Re:And remember kids (Score 1) 258

How do you negociate the net? The company can not know your tax rate. Your spouse salary, short term capital gain, or external consulting activities are not known by your employer. Therefore you can not negociate based on this.

Though I agree with you that you need to take into account insurance, and all deduction to make your decision, but you can not negociate based on that.

Comment Re:Where do these impressive features matter? (Score 4, Informative) 132

They matter on my desktop.
They matter on the desktops of all these administrations over the world that deploy linux operating system.
They matter in all the cloud infrastructure that rely on virtualization for load balancing.
They matter in the data center that are moving toward SSD for I/O.
They matter in 80% of the cell phones in the world that deploy the linux kernel.

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