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Comment Re:Not sure whats more impressive... (Score 3, Interesting) 150 150

I like the idea of "reinventing the computer for performance". Trying to get rid of overhead caused by virtual memory has attracted quite a bit of attention recently, so the idea is definitly sound.
A few questions:
-Is there any more details I can read on anywhere? I could not really see any details passed the "slightly technical PR" on
-Do you plan on plan on presenting your work at SuperComputing?
-You mention BLAS3 kernels, so I assume you mean dense BLAS3 kernels. In what I see, people are no longer really interested in dense linear algebra. Most of the applications I see nowadays are sparse. Can your architecture deal with that?
-The chip and architecture seem to essentially be based on a 2D mesh network, can it be extended to more dimensions? I was under the impression that it would cause high latency in physical simulation, because you can not easily project a 3D space in a 2D space without introducing large distance discrepancies. (Which is why BG/Q use 5D torus network.)
Keep us apraised!

Comment Re:I'm a little troubled... (Score 1) 231 231

Well I know nothing about conservation but the kick starter project is fairly clear:
1/ they have no idea on how to restore a spacesuit because nobody has done that before. Clearly whoever (probably more than one person) that will have the expertise of developing the technique will not come cheap. And developing the technique will probably take multiple trial on not-armstrong's space suit, space suits are expensive.
2/ Then as you mentioned, the restoration itself, once how to do that is probably a 6 figure cost.
3/ They need to build a portable version of the climate controlled environment where the suit is currently displayed.
4/ They need a custom built mannequin to support the suit
5/ They are probably not going to say this, but the kickstart gift have a price, and shipping costs.

Did you even read TFA? We are not on slashdot!


Comment Essentially once a year (Score 1) 319 319

Beside security updates that I typically apply right away, I usually only update my systems during summer. The rest of the year, I am too busy and too depend on my systems to work to take the chance of breaking a key feature.

Point in case, I upgrade my laptop to the recent Debian release a few weeks ago, and I am encountering many bugs related to the networking and audio stack. So I'll have a good month to figure them out.

Comment Re:Other technologies to try (Score 1) 63 63

While I like text-based communications, I agree with you. I must say that you pack way more information in a 2 minute phone call than in a 2 minute chat session. text is good for asynchrony and logging.
When chatting with collaborators (email or IM), if we reach the point where we are actively waiting on somebody else's reply, we switch to voice communication.

Comment Re:I don't get the weight thing (Score 2) 79 79

5.47 pounds is WAY to heavy for a laptop for me. My current laptop is 3.14 pounds and I still find it too heavy. Why? Because I primarily use it for traveling to conferences: I'll be transporting it from the hotel to the conference, from the keynote room to the session room, to the break rooms, to lunch, to diner, to visit the city while I am there. So essentially, I'll be transporting it all day long with everything else I need (cell phone, wallet, charger).
5 pounds in a shoulder bag is too much (it offsets your center of gravity too much which causes back problems), which means I need a backpack. But shoulder bags/messenger bags/men-purses are much more convenient in a city setting. Last year, I was in Munich and I opted to leave my laptop in my hotel room the days when I could afford to only bring a tablet with me.

Comment Re:Need to be adjustable (Score 1) 340 340

+1 this. Being able to easily adjust it is important. I am using a varidesk and I love it. You can easily set it to sitting or standing positions and it fits on a regular table. I usually spend most of the day in one position and a bit in the other one. Depending on what I do that particular day. Standing gives me a easier access to my white board.

When I review or read documents, I typically sit in the "guest" chair which is actually pretty comfortable for non-computer use. and typically program standing. Though after a while, I get a bit tired and prefer sitting for a while.

Comment Re: New Accounts every 3 months (Score 1) 368 368

Well, you can still resubscribe for a long time if the constraint is to use different credit cards. Pretty much every single store you visit nowadays wants to give you a credit card. I already have about a dozen credit card number I could use. And remember that credit card expires and send you a brand new card periodically. I seriously hope for them that a credit card is not how they plan on identifying returning users...

Identifying users based on name, adresses and verifying the name based on credit card information seems a bit better.

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