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+ - Utah cops warrantlessly search prescription drug records->

Submitted by Advocatus Diaboli
Advocatus Diaboli (1627651) writes "The warrantless search of Utah's database chronicling every controlled substance dispensed by a pharmacist resulted in charges against one paramedic that have nothing to do with the original investigation. Instead, the authorities discovered an employee whose records exhibited "the appearance of Opioid dependence" and lodged prescription fraud charges against paramedic Ryan Pyle. Now Pyle faces a maximum five-year prison sentence if convicted of the felony. "To me, it's outrageous government conduct," Pyle's attorney, Rebecca Skordas, said in a telephone interview Monday."
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Comment: Interesting idea (Score 2) 328

by godel_56 (#46666565) Attached to: Federal Bill Would Criminalize Revenge Porn Websites

Here's an idea from Todd Knarr, a commenter on the TFA web page:


"It might be better to criminalize, not the hosting of such material, but the solicitation of such material. Revenge-porn websites tend to make it clear they want you to post images and videos without the permission of the people in them. So, criminalize solicitation of posting of material without the permission of the people shown in it, and the demanding of payment to take such material down when the request to take it down comes from a person shown.

Comment: Re:Op Out Knowledge? (Score 1) 157

by godel_56 (#46642623) Attached to: Should Patients Have the Option To Not Know Their DNA?

There's a lot of DNA conditions that are straight up "You wont live to 50 and there's nothing you can do to make it better" type things. Frankly for a young person, its better to just not know and go and live a healthy and normal life until the bloody thing reveals itself, than living a life in misery under a death sentence.

Living in ignorance isn't living a lie, knowing the truth and going on like its not real , however is.

Frankly, I'd take the ignorance.

Yes, but in those cases you still have the question of whether you're willing to pass those conditions on to (possible) children. It's bad enough that you have some horrible crippling ailment, are you going to needlessly inflict it on some innocent through willful ignorance?

Comment: Re:get real (Score 1) 320

7 billion people on Earth. Say 10% are on the phone at any given time. Say 1/8 MB/min with whatever cell phone codec? 128kbps mp3 is around a meg a minute, right? And cell phone codecs are compressed all to hell.

7 billion * 10% * 1/8 * 60 min * 24 hours * 30 days = 3.78 trillion megabytes = 3,520 petabytes.

And that's just storage to keep on hand. Not to mention the bandwidth required to stream 117 petabytes/day to the servers.

"Sir, if we could just have you look at this little blue light right here, we'll explain everything..."

This reference for a GSM codec states bit rates of 1.6KB/s down to 0.59KB/s.

Additionally the speech is likely to be pre-processed from audio to text for storage. Final data could be as low as tens of bytes a second. One estimate was that the entire telephone speech data of the US could be stored for as little as $30 million a year in hardware costs. For the NSA that's petty cash.

Comment: Independent experts? (Score 1) 235

I don't think the cops should be using these things at all.

What I think should happen is they get a warrant from a judge, then bring in an independent expert to do the trace, such as someone from the FCC or a security officer from the telco.

Much less chance of "fishing expeditions" and misuse by the cops.

Comment: Re:PKI (Score 1) 63

by godel_56 (#46262519) Attached to: Kickstarter Security Breach Exposes Customer Data

I have a better question. Why does Kickstarter store IDs or passwords AT ALL. Why do they not mandate federation.

They have Facebook login, but no Google or OpenID login. Why? And if I am using Facebook login then why do I STILL need to create a stupid password, I should be able to ONLY use Facebook.

Why should we have a system with a single point of failure, when it makes it much harder for intruders if they have to break into every site and account separately?

Also, fuck Google, Facebook etc. They already have more than enough information about me.

Comment: Re:Sign the petition (Score 5, Insightful) 277

by godel_56 (#46139023) Attached to: Australia OKs Dumping Dredge Waste In Barrier Reef

If the shit was not "Waste" before it was scooped up and moved to another spot, then it's still not "Waste".

"Dredge waste" is more commonly called "sand". It is not exactly toxic industrial sludge that they are dumping.

Sometimes dredge waste is called "silt" or even "mud".

Oh well, the Great Barrier reef will be dead in a few decades anyway from rising sea temperatures, some no real harm done.


Comment: Re:Actual Link (Score 1) 124

by godel_56 (#45980259) Attached to: BitTorrent's Bram Cohen Unveils New Steganography Tool DissidentX

I'm curious what the actual "expansion ratio" is. I.e., if you want to encrypt N bytes in a cover-message of M bytes, how many bytes do you actually need to store/transmit?

From TFA:

"Even with Cohen’s clever hashing trick, the cover text for a secret message must be much larger than that message itself. Cohen suggests a file five hundred times as large as the secret message to encode communications without raising suspicions."

Comment: Re:Ahhh more evidence of militerized police. (Score 1) 118

by godel_56 (#45894813) Attached to: Dallas PD Uses Twitter To Announce Cop Firings

Should be "At the local range I go to", anyway you know when it's a cop shooting, they always exceed the 1 second rule and are general asshats.

Sorry, but what's the one second rule?

As to the tweets, it might be better if his accompanying photo didn't show him smiling as he offed all these people.

+ - Schoolboy reports vulnerability affecting 600,000+, police called.->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The database includes full names, addresses, home and mobile phone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth, seniors card ID numbers, and nine-digit extracts of credit card numbers.
More than a week after Joshua made contact with PTV, it still had not responded, but this week it referred the matter to Victoria Police and Privacy Victoria following inquiries by Fairfax Media."

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