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Comment Re:Honestly ... (Score 2) 64

That finally seemed to prove my point, that the school (and whoever their web portal supplier was) just wasn't competent at making this secure, if I could get past their security in a few minutes. Unfortunately I can't really report that to the school or anything because I would just end up with police at my door.

Report it anonymously to your local newspaper

Comment Re:If it's really a policy (Score 3, Interesting) 300

They have had the policy in place for some time and they do apply it consistently. The Church is employing a very clever advertising campaign which has resulted in them being plastered across the world. They literally could not have paid for better advertising than they've received off the back of this very clever campaign.

In a TV story on this they said that the church had discussed the campaign with the advertising agents in the middle of the year and the agents had no problem with it then, so just when was this policy introduced?

If the policy was in place when the church first approached the theaters and the church wasn't warned, then I think they have a right to ask for their production costs back

Comment OPSEC (Score 2) 35

From TFA,"One U.S. official said the hackers managed to cover their tracks well, but the official expressed confidence they would be found."

If they are found it will probably be through someone shooting their mouth off on a web site rather than by tracing them through some technical means. If you're going do to this kind of naughty then you really need to STFU. It will be interesting to see if the hackers can maintain their discipline.

Comment Re:40 pounds? (Score 1) 98

Not everyone is an asshole.

No, but the assholes are, and there is a non-zero number of those in any population

Besides, I am sure that if you did this enough you would eventually be caught. After all, the thing will likely be recording video of everything around it and shipping it off to the cloud in near real time.

The cops largely couldn't be bothered and simple disguises such as hoodies go a long way to disguising identity. This is why we can't have nice things.

Comment Re:What about a Faraday cage (Score 1) 138

This is actually quite true. One of our testing tech employees complained that his cell phone did not work inside our anechoic RF testing chamber (big faraday cage full of RF-absorbing material), and wrote a letter of complaint to the FCC.

We were found to be in violation of the same act, and were required to install a cellular repeater inside our chamber that must be active any time someone is inside the chamber.

Your immediate follow up should be an FOI request asking the FCC to detail all such provisions of cellular repeaters in their own testing facilities all over America. They'll love that.

Comment Re:Disruptive? (Score 1) 330

Actually, with regard to pickling, it is ONLY to get rid of and protect against BAD micros. There are plenty of good gut bacteria grown and and promoted by pickled foods, if you're talking about natural fermentation pickling like with kraut, kimchee, cucumber pickles. You can actually replenish your good gut bacteria with these foods after you might lose them due to having to take antibiotics for an illness.

Sure there is some salt, but you only have to do enough of a ratio to ensure that the healthy bacteria are able to culture and ferment you food with the acid by products and CO2.

"Kimchi, which is allegedly believed to have anti-carcinogenic properties, accounts for approximately 20% of sodium intake. Case-control studies on the intake level of kimchi and gastric [and esophageal ]cancer risk generally showed an increased risk among subjects with high or frequent intakes of kimchi."

In a doco I saw this was blamed on carcinogenic nitrosamines caused by the fermentation breakdown of proteins. It was suggested that more vitamin C with the meal would help neutralize them


Comment Re:Works for me... (Score 1) 98

There is another site like Stack Overflow (whose name I will NOT mention) that requires one to log in to use it. I decided to never use that site, because my identity is worth more to me than whatever information might be on there.

Sooooo . . . lie?

Comment Re:Drunks don't make the best decisions (Score 1) 327

Taking the optional Field Sobriety Test (FST) is never a good idea. Not doing the Breathalyzer test after being arrested in Florida is also not a good idea as it results in the automatic suspension of your license and your refusal to take the test can be used against you in court. In addition, it doesn't prevent the police from obtaining a warrant to draw your blood and determine your BAC.

In Australia, refusing to take an alcohol or drug test results in you being assumed to be intoxicated to the highest level, so you get the maximum penalty anyway.

Comment Re:There is a risk! (Score 1) 125

Human-dinosaur sex is technically a form of anal rape

You are obviously male and confused. Essentially all the human-dinosaur sex fantasies are of male dinosaurs having regular (especially vaginal) sex with female people. The novels of those fantasies are hardly ever bought by men.

Since the fantasy is aimed at female readers, does that mean the dinosaurs have to take the women in the stories out to dinner and on long walks together before doing the deed?

Comment Re:Re-what? (Score 1) 139

You do that. Meanwhile, we don't use the mag strip in Australia, so I'll happily prevent my card from being compatible with the less secure USA methodology.

We certainly have a mag strip on our cards and it's to allow them to be used in countries that don't have chip and pin.

While the RFID doesn't duplicate the chip, it can provide enough information to an attacker to duplicate the mag strip and the info on the front of the card, so that they can send that overseas to an accomplice to write on a dummy card and shop for easily sold goods.


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