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Comment Re:Desktops vs Mobile (Score 1) 250 250

Do you really see LINQ, or do you see lambdas and extension methods? LINQ is the query DSL, lambdas are a more syntax-friendly anonymous method, and extension methods make it much more convenient to put this all together.

I look at a lot of code, and LOTS of it uses at least .NET 3.5 features, including a -lot- of lambdas and a -lot- of extension methods. I RARELY see any LINQ, though.

Comment Re:ESPN delenda est (Score 1) 329 329

Of course. But if I'm going to use an antenna, then what the fuck would I be paying the cable company for?!

Indeed. I stopped paying them a couple years ago. Antenna for up-to-date local channels (where nearly everything I want to watch is), Netflix for the rest. HBO Now is tempting, though. I might look into it.

I can subscribe to a lot of VOD services, as well as buy many BD movies for the price I was paying for my television before.

Comment Re:Hype pain (Score 2) 75 75

Just so we're all on the same page here regarding numbers:

The SSME (Space Shuttle Main Engine) high presssure oxidizer turbopump produces 23,260 horsepower. The high pressure fuel turbopump produces 71,147 horsepower. That's just over 70 MEGAWATTS. There are also low-pressure turbopumps in play, and there were three of them per shuttle.

The Rocketdyne F-1 (Saturn V main engine) turbopump produced 41 megawatts. There were 5 in the first stage.

Still wonder why we don't use electric pumps?

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