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Comment Re:Here's a question for you to think about (Score 1) 179

Hey, if we're discussing last mile, then nothing is shared, because I have a dedicated 1-gbit link between my PC and my ethernet switch. Right? No, that's just as pointless as what you wrote. Fact is, ISPs use shared infrastructure. How much of the total distance is shared is not relevant, but how overloaded the part that IS shared is definitely IS relevant.

Comment Re:Here's a question for you to think about (Score 1) 179

ADSL is no more a "dedicated channel" than DOCSIS. The only difference is where the sharing happens: at the street with DOCSIS, or at the DSLAM with ADSL. Either way, if your provider crammed too many bandwidth-hungry people on the shared infrastructure, it's going to suffer.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 485

There's a difference between "hybrid sleep" and "hybrid shutdown". Laptops don't do hybrid sleep by default, for obvious reasons. If your laptop does (and it seems like it might), then turn it off. Hybrid shutdown shuts down the user session(s) and then hibernates the kernel session, resulting in a faster startup. No power used.


Comment Re:Desktops vs Mobile (Score 1) 250

Do you really see LINQ, or do you see lambdas and extension methods? LINQ is the query DSL, lambdas are a more syntax-friendly anonymous method, and extension methods make it much more convenient to put this all together.

I look at a lot of code, and LOTS of it uses at least .NET 3.5 features, including a -lot- of lambdas and a -lot- of extension methods. I RARELY see any LINQ, though.

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