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Comment: Nice to see some of my work (Score 1) 33

by goatbar (#39719509) Attached to: NOAA Releases New Views of Earth's Ocean Floor
It's nice to see some of my work come to light. I created prototypes for this back a few years ago with Google Earth and GDAL for the Bathymetric Attributed Grids (BAG) file from Hydrographic Surveys... Or build a visualization yourself using the code:

Comment: Lessons learned from the BP Spill (Score 1) 426

by goatbar (#35277938) Attached to: Huge Amounts of Oil Found On Gulf of Mexico Floor
I've got all but one of the presentations (ppt or pdf) from the Alaska Marine Science Symposium in Jan 2010. Two of the talks had to be approved by the White House. There need to be many many more of these types of events, but at least it is a start.

+ - Which geek clock should I get?->

Submitted by goatbar
goatbar (661399) writes "What is the ultimate and cheap geek clock out there? If I had my way, it would have a great display for those with glasses, have a radio with AM/FM/NOAA weather and more bands, integrated weather, get time from NTP, GPS, CDMA, and/or WWV/WWVH, and provide NTP to my home network. All for cheap. So in the world of reality, what do geeks recommend to other geeks for a relatively cheap clock for the bedroom? The NIST Manufacturers of Time and Frequency Receivers is a pretty rough start for the geek in the home."
Link to Original Source

Comment: Documentation (Score 1) 332

by goatbar (#30544970) Attached to: How Can I Contribute To Open Source?

Do whatever you can. Documentation, packaging, training, whatever

Consider even just small steps... e.g. posting small examples of using FOSS can help a lot. I use my blog to help NOAA accomplish its mission indirectly. One instance is how to use QGIS to read data directly from a PostGIS database:

Using QGIS to view PostGIS data

Now, how do I convince the NOAA IT folks that QGIS should be on more peoples machines?

Comment: Similar question - Nautical Publications (Score 1) 328

by goatbar (#27191533) Attached to: Collaborative Academic Writing Software?

I've had a similar question for Hydrographic Offices in various countries that have to produce Coast Pilot/Sailing Directions documents. Except in their case, this is a document that has 100+ years of revisions and is looking to 100 more years. How do we get them into a process where they can track all the changes and reference where material was submitted from?

I tried to think through some of the options for this kind of stuff here:

Managing distributed XML document editing for nautical publications

Comment: Verizon's EVDO (Score 2, Informative) 199

by goatbar (#22513180) Attached to: In-Home Wireless Vs. Mobile Broadband
I use Verizon's EVDO and am not very satisfied. I uses two mac laptops (ppc and x86) and suddenly started seeing a ton of kernel panics, where I had got years without trouble. The connection client is really lame. Also lame is the 5GB limit for the "unlimited plan". At least now they will not disconnect you if you hit 5GB in one month. They will "just" limit your througput. I'm out in NH and the service is come and go as with the verizon voice coverage. In San Fran, the coverage and usage was excellent. I used it on trains going through tunnels without trouble. It's annoying to have this adapter hanging off the side of the laptop all the time. Also, once in a while the network flays on "re-registering" and it locks me out of the system for 3-6 hours while the network thinks that I am trying to connect from two machines at the same time. They say that it is only for standard web browsing only. I haven't tried skype, but ssh, irc, and all http(s) all work fine. This sumer, I will also be getting a DSL or Cable link, cause I can't take this much longer as my only connection. Sometimes at my house, I get 3 "bars" and other times I go hours with none. I wish this client would log signal strength so I could see if there is some pattern to the outages. Tech support has been responsive, nice, and more friendly than most. Still, it is easy to run past their knowledge of how the network works. Over all rating: so-so

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