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Comment: Re:Switzerland (Score 2) 266 266

by goarilla (#49953451) Attached to: Where Is Europe's Silicon Valley?

I have a lot of friends throughout Europe and another thing is that generally to be rich in Europe is to be looked down upon quite harshly in a general sense. Way more so than in the US.

Yes, the reason we don't have a lot of successful entrepreneurs is because of the social stigma of being rich. Why doesn't anybody step up for this repressed minority !

Comment: Re:Yay for Belgium (Score 1) 72 72

by goarilla (#49919809) Attached to: Belgian Privacy Watchdog Sues Facebook

I agree, BUT "the law in individual [EU member] countries" is the European Union's law!

So any company can search for the EU member with the weakest national laws to get a foothold into Europe ?
Doesn't this mean that if any country legalizes pot or prostitution it's legal everywhere in the EU ?

Comment: Re:Old news (Score 2) 53 53

by goarilla (#49804979) Attached to: The Case For a Muon Collider Succeeding the LHC Just Got Stronger

IAAAP (I am an accelerator physicist), and this is pretty old news. The US muon collider program is actually on its way out. Last year's Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel (P5) advised the DOE to defund the muon collider project, redirecting funds toward the International Linear Collider (ILC)-- a 250GeV e+/e- precision Higgs factory-- and other projects:

According to this article it's easier to put energy in particles with substantial mass. They don't seem to leak as much.
So how are they gonna accomplish these 2-3 x higher energies in the ILC over the LEP ? More massive electric fields ?

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