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Comment: Re:lockin (Score 1) 215

by gnupun (#47957505) Attached to: Why the iPhone 6 Has the Same Base Memory As the iPhone 5

Yes, the "portability premium" IS pretty goddamn high to make AN ENTIRE COMPUTER about the size of a laptop's hard drive alone.

Sorry, I don't buy it that the premium is so ridiculously high. They took a dumb phone and added a more powerful cpu, a touch screen and more RAM -- that's about it. A laptop is a stripped down PC (you can't plug in your device card in the pci/pcie slot). And a smartphone is a stripped down laptop so they are similar but not the same thing shrunk down.

"Underpowered"? Compared to what, exactly?

Compared to a currently selling laptop, obviously. But it's priced same/higher than that laptop. Why?

Also, there's this little thing called "physics"... how big do you want the battery to be to run a device at a certain performance level for any reasonable amount of time? Do you think there's no difference between the current draw of a big stomping desktop compared to a smartphone?

Fine, don't run it at the performance level of a laptop. But then don't charge the customer the same price as a laptop. The CPU speed/RAM size vary as much as 10 times between an iphone 6 and a $1000 laptop. That's a ripoff.

Seriously, how did you get a "+5, Insightful" out of that?

Okay, smart guy, you better address all the points I'm making both in this post and the thread. Don't be intellectually dishonest, like many slashdotters, by skipping portions of text that contradict your point of view.

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by gnupun (#47954967) Attached to: Why the iPhone 6 Has the Same Base Memory As the iPhone 5

Well, to make a long story short, the phone is 1/10th in almost every respect compared to a similarly priced laptop (cpu, ram, screen, storage etc) but the price is same as a laptop. Don't you think we deserve a discount for less powerful parts and fewer/cheaper parts used? I bet the RAM does not perform as good as that on the latest laptops. In other words, does apple pay 10 times as much as laptop manufacturers for RAM or flash? Of course not, so why should the consumer?

Charge a premium for making it compact, and a functionally and aesthetically designed case, but still, it should be priced nowhere near as much as a laptop. Well, maybe we can forgive Apple for overcharging since they are a manufacturer of luxury goods. But other phones (i.e. Samsung etc.) should not be charging the same ridiculous premiums Apple is charging.

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by gnupun (#47953911) Attached to: Why the iPhone 6 Has the Same Base Memory As the iPhone 5

No, the cost of miniaturized components is higher.

I looked at the iPhone 6 tear down and the chip sizes are not that much smaller than a laptop's chips. So it's just miniaturized case, motherboard, battery and camera (and the battery holds a lot less charge than a laptop battery).

And that's not even counting your gross exaggeration, the iPhone is 2 times the cost of a crappy barely-functional laptop, NOT a "powerful" laptop.

But you can buy a very decent laptop for 1000 bucks, with 10-15 times more RAM, 10 times more processing power with an i7 CPU, and 10-100 times more persistent storage.

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by gnupun (#47953599) Attached to: Why the iPhone 6 Has the Same Base Memory As the iPhone 5

In an age where 16 GB is available as RAM on many desktops and laptops, it's stupid to sell/buy a computer with only 16 GB persistent storage.

The iPhone is just an underpowered palm computer with touch interface instead of keyboard/mouse of a laptop. Is the portability premium so high, or the case so shiny, that we have to pay 2 times the cost of a powerful laptop while getting computing power/memory of a 5 year old laptop?

BTW, please stop calling flash as "Memory" (in the title) because memory is often confused with RAM.

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by gnupun (#47944033) Attached to: Study: Chimpanzees Have Evolved To Kill Each Other

Not because he's hungry, but because he doesn't like the fact that the baby lions are not his.

No, he does it so that in the future, when he's no longer strong, and the baby alphas are now alpha, like their papa, are going to do to him what he did to their father. It's simply eliminating (future) competitors so he and his descendants can rule for as long as possible.

This was quite common when kings ruled around the world -- surprising similarity between kings and lions.

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by gnupun (#47940359) Attached to: Alice Is Killing Trolls But Patent Lawyers Will Strike Back

A patent is just a poorly reworded description of that process.

Poorly worded patents don't get accepted and published by the USPTO. The patents have to be quite clear and complete.

Detailed pseudo-code is enough for a competent programmer to convert to code. There are also sections in the patent which give description of the patent (and therefore the pseudo-code). You may stumble a bit due to the legalese, but it's not much and you can easily get past it once you know what to look for.

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by gnupun (#47939739) Attached to: Alice Is Killing Trolls But Patent Lawyers Will Strike Back

Patents don't disclose source code. So they don't teach a programmer how to "put the bits of plastic together".

Those statements are quite wrong. Patents can and do include source code. However the claims (the IP the patent owner is claiming exclusive rights to) have to be written in a mixture of pseudo-code and legalese. Therefore, a competent programmer with just a little bit of legal knowledge can transform the patent pseudo-code into working code.

The whole idea behind patents is to express secret methods such that an average practitioner of the field can recreate real working code from the patent instructions (or pseudocode in the case of software patents).

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by gnupun (#47932889) Attached to: Airbnb To Start Collecting Hotel Tax On Rentals In San Francisco

Because face time is important. Interacting with coworkers is important.

Not really. Face time is very little unless you're a manager type of employee and you can interact with coworkers over phone/video chat. They want employees on site so they can keep an eye on them, i.e. personally supervise them, otherwise the employees are likely to goof off.

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by gnupun (#47921797) Attached to: Why Apple Should Open-Source Swift -- But Won't

You think the iphone/ipad market (apple world) is small? They should have done this sooner because obj-c is too low level (difficult/time-consuming to code/debug) for your typical $0.99 app. This language will probably cut development time of ios apps by a factor 2 to 10.

I don't think other platforms need it though as they already have java, python, .net, and newer languages.

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