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Comment Re:Reason? GNOME3 (Score 1) 535

You can open a new terminal by middle clicking or by pressing ctrl-leftclick.

The following CPU-monitor is quite good

Regarding fixed layout I would like to have an extension that allowed me to press a button, and have gnome-shell rearrange all the windows for me.

I personally never liked the upper left corner, so I use the axe menu. My only problem is that the axe menu does not allow me to arrange desktops. (I miss the old gnome 2 desktop applet)

But my biggest problem is that gnome-shell is unstable. These days it freezes daily, so I have to open a terminal and write "gnome-shell --display=:0 --replace &". In the past I have had problems with extensions that suddenly caused everything to freeze after an update, but this time I cannot guess what is wrong.

Comment Re:I finally mostly like Gnome 3.4 (Score 1) 535

I use "alt ctrl up" and "alt ctrl down" and that works well.

You can also do "shift alt ctrl up" to move the present window to a desktop above the present one.

But I miss a shortcut for splitting a desktop into two. The shortcut should create a new desktop just above the present one and move the active window to a newly created deskop.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 456

You can save a search term such as "tizen" or "warhammer" for later use. So instead of following a person you essentially follow a search term. That used to work fairly well.

I haven't had much success following people on Google+, because most posters cannot stick to one subject, so they end up polluting my stream with uninteresting posts.


Video How Much Stuff Can Timothy Jam Into His New Hoodie's Pockets? (Video) Screenshot-sm 183

Timothy Lord is exactly the kind of person for whom the SCOTTEVEST Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece was designed; He's on the go all the time, needs to travel light, and wants to carry lots of stuff on his person to avoid checking luggage when he's flying. Yes, we know; before long half the people waiting to board airliners will be bulked out to double their normal width. Meanwhile, Timothy managed to jam an amazing amount of stuff into his new hoodie. Or jacket, as he prefers to call it.

Comment Re:NO. (Score 1) 349

You need to look at the consequences one at a time.

  • If students use e-books they they don't forget their books.
  • If the teacher distributes a pdf then the students don't throw it away.
  • Many students cannot type fast enough to take notes on an ipad.
  • You lose some students to Facebook, but at least the horizontal screen make it easy for the teacher to see what the student is doing.
  • The students need access to a real computer if they need to work on a long report or essay in class.
  • The students probably need access to a real computer if they need to work with spreadsheets.
  • If you install a browser with flash then you can use interactive websites to add variation to the lessons.

I am a high school teacher so some of these points may not ne relevant to young children.

Submission FSF petitions against closed implementation of UEF-> 2

GameboyRMH writes: The Free Software Foundation is currently holding a petition urging hardware manufacturers to implement UEFI Secure Boot in a way that allows alternative operating systems to be installed by users. Currently it has about 13,000 signatures — Slashdot polls regularly rack up more votes. If you run a non-Windows operating system or wish to support the right to do so, sign the petition here.
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Submission Russian Officials Support US - Russia Rail Tunnel-> 1

arisvega writes: Russian officials have backed the idea of a rail tunnel linking Russia and the US.

It would run under the Bering Strait for 105km (65 miles) — twice the length of the UK-France Channel Tunnel.

The tunnel itself has been estimated to cost $10-12bn and to take 10-15 years to build.

But an additional 4,000km (2,485 miles) of new track would be needed to link it to Russia's rail network, plus another 2,000km (1,243 miles) to connect to existing services on the US side.

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Submission Sony Reader T1 Hack Now ut-> 1

Nate the greatest writes: The Sony Reader PRS-T1 joined the Nook Touch as a hacked E-ink Android tablet today. A new hack has been posted online by the developer who shot the proof-of-concept video last week. It's still a little rough and there's not a whole lot included in it, but the hack is ready for the end-user.

It won't let me install anything, unfortunately. I've tried to install the Kindle app as well as the Amazon Appstore. Neither worked. But I think the hack is still worth installing; it's safe and bound to improve over the next few weeks.

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Submission BoardX: The Open Source Miniature Motherboard-> 2

An anonymous reader writes: BoardX is a collection of electronic circuit boards that stack on top of one another to share resources, communicate, and extend the functionality of one another. This system is built on the motherboard that acts as both an electrical and structural foundation.

Unlike similar products (but much like a familiar PC system), the motherboard does not come with a processor pre-installed. Processors come as simple, low cost add-on boards, which allow any processor (or multiple processors) to be used with the system.

BoardX is transparently compatible with Arduino SDK as well, meaning users can switch boards without having to learn how to use a new development environment.

Add-ons can be attached to the USB, SPI, UART, and I2C buses to provide any feature imaginable. These can be sensors, communication interfaces, or even physical control devices like motors or servos. With this idea in mind, a robust and flexible design can be achieved that allows you to choose which parts of the system to design and which parts can be off the shelf.

The project is seeking its final round of funding to begin large scale production and delivery.

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Submission Lost Hour Long Jobs Interview Found->

adharma writes: According to Robert Cringely, in 1995 he was granted an hour long interview with Steve Jobs at NeXT headquarters for Triumph of the Nerds and promptly lost. Two weeks ago, a 'PAL-VHS, dubbed on professional equipment from a D1 master' copy of the interview was found and is in the process of being restored.
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Submission Lying About Your Military Record Ruled Free Speech

Hugh Pickens writes writes: ""I'm a retired Marine of 25 years," said Xavier Alvarez soon after he was elected to the board of the Three Valleys Municipal Water District in Claremont, CA. "Back in 1987, I was awarded the congressional Medal of Honor." Alvarez's lie about the Medal of Honor put him in violation of the Stolen Valor Act of 2005, a law passed by Congress and signed into law by President George W. Bush that prohibits anyone from falsely claiming "to have been awarded any decoration or medal authorized by Congress for the armed forces of the United States." Alvarez's "semper fraud" led to a criminal conviction, which was later thrown out by the US. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco which found that the Stolen Valor Act was an unconstitutional restriction of free speech. Now the US Supreme Court has agreed to to decide whether the Constitution's free speech clause protects people who falsely claim to have been awarded military medals. Jonathon Turley writes in the LA Times that however distasteful, with the Stolen Valor Act, Congress has made it possible to jail someone simply for telling a lie. "The Alvarez case could establish a legal principle that would allow Congress to criminalize virtually any fib, which could lead to a sweeping new form of regulating speech in the United States," writes Turley. "Giving the government such power would allow it to target "liars" who it portrays as endangering or dishonoring society.""

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