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Comment: Re:"the thing" (Score 1) 1057

by gmuller (#14045932) Attached to: US Keeps Control of the Internet
"I can only conclude that you have suddenly realised that ARPANET != INTERNET and WE != UNITED STATES and have decided to go home."

Well, now you've put the ball in an entirely different court. Perhaps that will make more (or less) sense to you then.

class ArpaNet {
a = PacketTransmission
b = ArrangementofPCsInDefinedWay
c = OrganizationStructureOfNetwork
BasisOfInternet = a + b + c

class INTERnet extends class ArpaNet {
d = StuffToMakeArpanetMoreCommercial
e = StuffToMakeArpanetMorwUseful

Nobody ever claimed that Arpanet = Internet, except maybe you. It is the basis and root of it, that is inarguable. I don't recall ever seeing a we = United States either, certainly not from me anyway.

Also note that I don't think you're a troll, you're probably just angry that you can't prove a point that isn't there.


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