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Journal: yep, neocons did it again

Journal by gmknobl

They looked at a post of mine that suscintly(sp) pointed out that the government's broken promise to let ICANN takeover is just one more thing the Bush/Neocon Fascists are doing to control things. They defended that bad persons administration! Those poor confused dummies. I hope the wake up and either amend their errant ways or leave the country. But it was a bit too bad for them since I pounded a few neocon heads with downgrades at mod time.

Anyone who supports the conservative agenda in any way deserves nothing but -1s put next to their posts (unless they, by mistake, support progressive/liberal causes - in other words, accidently support reason), and I for one will continue to do this to them at every opportunity.

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Journal: someone dropped my comment down to flamebait

Journal by gmknobl

Undoubtedly, they did not like me calling Rupert Murdoch a neo-con, though he is, and didn't like that I said he was just in it for more profit at the expense of his clients right, which he is demostrably.

Neo-con, fascist trash. I will purposefully demote anyone in nasty fashion, if I see anyone who opts to venture such opinions in the future. The only truth and balance will be obtained by discrediting anyone who opposes liberal/progressive idiology and chasing them out of the the U.S., neigh, the world.

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Journal: moderated again

Journal by gmknobl

Nailed a dude who apparently thinks the first amendment only applies to sewing machines ;). Listed him as flamebait since he was being stupidly incindiary and just plain unchristian and foolish. While my moderation was listed by some as unfair, I can only assume it was by neo-con fascists since 70% of people who looked at my moderation listed it as a fair thumbsdown on the jerk.

Too bad for him!

Who knows! Maybe things are looking up and Bush will be impeached someday. Meanwhile, the Eva Brauns of the world continue to label his sentiments as good for america just as this nitwit did by implication.

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Journal: What to remember when posting

Journal by gmknobl

Remember, neo-con, non-thinking, non-scientific, evil people who support war for any reason and think "the left" is wrong, when it has historically been more right than wrong, especially the leftist dudes who use to be in the center, exist here too.

Not everyone one is a good, reasonable person, here as shown by those who still think I'm a jerk leftist for suggesting that there is such a thing as global warming.

There are many ignorant, or evil people out there who think they are smart, right and good. But when the nation goes the way of Nazi Germany, only then will they begin to realize their complicitness in supporting evil. Or, if they are actually the Karl Roves of the world, will be running to Argentina or dead.

All will be made right in the fullness of time. I just hope I and my family live to see it through without any of us being killed by the world the new fascists are making in America.

"Don't talk to me about disclaimers! I invented disclaimers!" -- The Censored Hacker