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Comment: maybe you don't see it because you aren't a girl (Score 2, Insightful) 708

by gminks (#11793910) Attached to: Young Women Encouraged to Go For IT
If there is one thing I can say for certain, it is that the female IT stigma is definately non-existant.

That's because you are a guy and you don't see the stigma because it doesn't affect you.

As a woman in IT, I deal with:
  • Working via email on a problem with someone male, going with a male team mate to implement the solution, and having the someone male direct all of his comments to my male team mate
  • Going to conferences, and having to put up with being ignored by the vendors because I am wearing girl clothes and makeup. I can stand at a booth patiently waiting my turn and the vendor will ignore me but same vendor will initiate conversations with every man that comes near.
  • People will walk thru our dept looking for help (MAKE A TICKET) and walk away frustrated if none of the male team mates are in their cube

Not all guys do this...I actually work with a bunch of guys who see me as one of them. Not "one of the guys", but as a techie who has something to contribute.

But they act suprised when I point out other people's behavior...they don't notice because it doesn't happen to them.

The way to get more women in the field is to get the message out that you don't have to have a certain set of sexual organs to do this sort of work. This message needs to go to young girls as well as the stupid boys that already work in IT.

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