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Comment Re:Comcast offices built like fortresses (Score 1) 176

The reason for the security is that it's a payment center. Think tens of thousands in cash on hand, with a LOT less of a law enforcement response than if you rob the local bank.

There's lots of places that deal with a lot more money with less security. E.g. Walmart, casinos, et . And those places are a lot more likely to deal in cash and with a lot more people than a cable tv provider where most people mail their checks in.

Comment Short answer: No (Score 1) 78

Robotics is the conglomoration of many different diciplines including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, fabrication, and more. You can learn the computer science part using simulators, but just knowing that doesn't mean you've "learned robotics". There are plenty of pure theoretical areas you can explore in robotics without access to anything, not even a computer. So, it's really important to be very specific about what it is when you say you want to learn robotics.

Comment If only they applied the same rules to words (Score 1) 206

I cannot fathom any explanation as to why they press so hard on presenting photos and video as is, but feel free to be as creative as possible with the text and words. My guess is that cameramen are considered second class citizens as opposed to the anchors, and they actively want to prevent them from doing anything creative.

Comment Do what advertisers hate: click on ads (Score 2) 398

Back when I rand ads on my website, the click through rate was horribly low, and that's what the advertising agencies used to demand very low rates for displaying ads.

The strategy everyone who hates ads has adopted is to never click on ads, and as a result, a website displaying 10000 ads will probably only get a handful of clicks.

So the strategy I've adopted is to click on evry ad I can. Especially on websites I like. With such low click through rates, just one user can double or tripple a site's revenue, and by the same virtue double or tripple an ad agency's costs.

It only takes a few seconds to open every ad in a new background tab that I'll never see. And I get the benefit of helping a website I like, while costing the advertisers money.

I'd think it wouldn't take an incredible number of people adopting the same strategy before advertisers have to change their game.

Comment Re: Read the actual reviews (Score 1) 184

Fight Club. But not because the movie was horrible, but because I expected it to be horrible. When it turned out to be fairly descent I enjoyed it a lot more than movies I expected to be good. I've had similar experiences with others, but that one stands out in my mind because I it was so different from what I was expecting.

Comment Re:Ha! (Score 1) 166

That's thankfully not (yet) how the law works. The EPA does not need the sourcecode or reverse engineer anything, they just say to VW, "hey, wheird thing happened, your cars blow out 40x crap on a street vs in a test-setting. You wanna explain that? No? No problem, come back for approval when you change your mind, recall is hereby issued..."

No, that's thankfully not (yet) how the law works. The EPA cannot issue recalls, and cannot reject a companies cars just because they think they did something wrong. They could however subpoena source code, design documents, etc to build their case off of, as well as impose stiffer penalties based on how much they tried to cover it up and who was involved.

Comment Re:No child gets ahead either (Score 1) 132

I hope I'm misinterpreting all of this.

If, by "misinterpreting" you really mean: "You only read the title", then yes. The title of the bill has nothing to do with what it actually does. Largely, this bill just shifts a lot of the responsibilities of the federal government to the states.

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