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+ - Carbon Dioxide - Not So Bad After All?-> 1

Submitted by gmfeier
gmfeier (1474997) writes "The Washington Post is reporting on a new study published in Climate Dynamics which predicts that doubling atmospheric carbon dioxide from pre-industrial levels will raise the average temperature by 1.3C, less than previous estimates. This in line with several previous studies which were not so widely reported by the media."
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Comment: Coldest first half in the US since 1993 (Score 1, Informative) 552

by gmfeier (#47457637) Attached to: The Last Three Months Were the Hottest Quarter On Record
Latest from the NOAA site: The contiguous U.S. average temperature for the first half of 2014 was 47.6F, 0.1F above the 20th century average. This ranked near the middle value in the 120-year period of record, and marked the coldest first half of any year since 1993. Just sayin'.

Comment: The system worked perfectly for me (Score 1) 142

I retired from the Federal Government at the end of 2006. I never had any problems getting the information I needed about my upcoming retirement and the money started coming in right on time. Given all the failed modernization efforts I witnessed during my government career, I would hope they get a new system up and running before they do anything to the current one.

+ - Samsung misused proprietary information from Apple and Nokia->

Submitted by gmfeier
gmfeier (1474997) writes "Samsung executives seem to have gotten hold of proprietary information from the Apple v. Samsung court trial and disseminated it throughout the company. The information was under a protective court order and sanctions may be in store. It appears that a document provided to the company by Samsung's counsel was not properly redacted."
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Comment: The Federal Government always needs statisticians (Score 1) 416

by gmfeier (#40195011) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What To Do With a Math Degree?
I spent the last half of my career with the Feds as a statistician after working as an engineer for the first 15 years (MS degree in Physics). It pays a lot better than teaching and the retirement benefits are pretty good, especially the health care. You don't make all that much to start, but, if you have something on the ball, you can move up easily. The only disadvantage is you have to work where the job is.

Comment: A lot of theories will be going down soon (Score 5, Interesting) 80

by gmfeier (#38109974) Attached to: Higgs Range Narrowed; Hunt Enters Final Stage
I suspect that we have fallen into a trap similar to the Ptolemaic system. Just because it works mathematically doesn't mean the universe is obligated to actually match the predictions. I wonder if there is an underlying false assumption that is causing all the current uncertainties. Simply put - has the speed of light been absolutely constant since the big bang? If not, a lot of things look entirely different.

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