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Comment: And the same issues as yesteryear (Score 1) 330

by phorm (#48678961) Attached to: Why Lizard Squad Took Down PSN and Xbox Live On Christmas Day

One of the biggest issues with net-play between friends was NAT and getting ports open to allow people in.Yes, this can be alleviated by uPNP enabled routers etc, but that same feature can also be a security risk. As IPv4 shrinks though, it's likely we'll also see residential v4 addresses shrink to carrier-level NAT. This may be alleviated by IPv6, but it's been "coming" for a loooong time now, and the security configuration for that is still going to be hell for a lot of home users.


Comment: Employers (Score 1) 292

by phorm (#48662177) Attached to: Hotel Group Asks FCC For Permission To Block Some Outside Wi-Fi

Most employers don't care which specific hotel you stay at, so long as it's within a particular budget. I doubt most employers are going to want employees staying at a hotel that - oh - blocks cellular signals for employees they're trying to contact, and I also doubt that IT employers are going to appreciate blocked wifi.

Comment: People still buy Origin games (Score 1) 188

by phorm (#48660701) Attached to: An Automated Cat Litter Box With DRM

Honestly, I don't play a lot of Origin games (mostly steam, though they're similar in concept), but it's still a vast improvement over what I had previously in many cases. Multiple discs, serial keys, etc. My biggest complaint is the lack of multiplayer servers. At least with previous games of Battlefield etc you could host your own - on a Linux server even - but now you pretty much have to buy hosting and older games pretty much die out. That's more designed obsolescence than DRM though.

Comment: Re:and they make big bonfires, too (Score 1) 250

by Daniel_Staal (#48650109) Attached to: The Magic of Pallets

One of the big advantages of pallets over boxes or containers is that they are cheap enough that shipping them back isn't something you need to worry about in many cases. Yes, if there's a load (or a regular truck) going back to where they need to be loaded it's often better to ship back and re-use, but if they are delivering something and there's no load going back any time soon, they are cheap and easy enough to take apart that they can be discarded and used for other purposes.

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