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Comment: Re:"Two" times, not ten times (Score 1) 154

by TeknoHog (#48446213) Attached to: Corning Reveals Gorilla Glass 4, Promises No More Broken IPhones

News for nerds, remember? Ten is simply the base-2 representation of the same number that two represents in base-10. It's exactly the same statement.

So is that base two too? I can understand a reference to seeing "2" in a binary datastream when talking about bending strength, but I could never really get past second base myself.

Comment: Re:Prof. Yunus "Creating a World Without Poverty" (Score 0) 80

by DNS-and-BIND (#48445153) Attached to: How "Big Ideas" Are Actually Hurting International Development

First of all, your dig at the Nobel Peace Prize is racist, you just can't stand that a black man won it in 2009 and you'll go to any length to criticize him.

Second, that pro-capitalist bullshit is a bunch of bullshit, stop cheerleading for Danone and other multinational corporations. The sooner they are driven out of business, the better.

Third, the whole "money-lender" thing is anti-Semitic, and this is the nail in the coffin of your whole gestalt. Yeah, you didn't actually say "Jews" but then again you didn't need to, you made it quite clear. Please stop speaking in public.

Comment: Re:Guffaw! So much overhaul it's FOUR better! (Score 1) 167

by Billly Gates (#48443513) Attached to: Windows Kernel Version Bumped To 10.0

Java had tons of capability problems when Oracle changed a string in a copyright file unrelated to the version after acquiring it from SUN.

Keep in mind I have not written java code for a long time now. But there was a method to check I think in java.lang somewhere.

Want to know why these apps failed? They used RMI to bypass the platform and use win32 apis to go check strings in c:\program files\jre etc or they use WMI to check the owner of the copyright. Instead of using a =, the incompetent programmers used an "==" and would call a break writeln (This program requires java 1.4.2 to run etc)

This was terrible and a ton more work not to mention broke compatibility with Linux and MacOSX for no reason at all?? My guess is these were corporate crap anyway that sent IE 6 specific CSS for these web apps anyway.

It is what you get when you go H1B1 visa holders.

My point is you would be shocked at all the garbage that goes and yes I can see poorly written MFC apps written in VC+ 4.2 doing a string check for Windows 9.x and printing out "Upgrade to Windows2000 Please!". If it happened in Java I am sure it can happen elsewhere

Comment: Re:really? (Score 1) 167

by Billly Gates (#48443491) Attached to: Windows Kernel Version Bumped To 10.0

The change in kernel version was long overdue - if you compare XP to Vista, and then Vista to 8.1, the latter is just as much of a gap.

Not really at the kernel level besides some power management features. Services and gui there is a vast difference.

But it does make more sense to put everything together unlike a Linux OS it comes together and the pieces are not installed separately.

Comment: Mistaken Western-centric thinking about China (Score 1, Insightful) 110

"It left China with either letting go of censorship, or breaking significant chunks of the Internet for their population."

I love the tiny minds at work here. People who cannot see outside of themselves, nor consider any perspective but their own Western one. As if there were any choice involved! China doesn't block websites because they're evil, they block websites because they are damaging to China's body politic. These overseas actors want to harm China, and like antibodies reacting to bacteria, China's government reacts to block the damage. You can cry censorship all you want, but the fact remains that it's for China's own good that these actions are taken.

I remind everyone that the Chinese Communist Party is made up of the smartest people in China. It is full of scientists and engineers, people with analytical minds, and people who are qualified to make decisions for others. If Slashdot were based in China, the most thoughtful constantly-modded-up users would be mostly CCP members. Think of John Gruber, the MIT economist who helped get the badly needed Affordable Care Act passed despite opposition from lesser minds. There is nothing particularly scandalous about what he did. The seriousness of the deception depends on the extent of the harm done. Getting healthcare for millions of uninsured is the same as China's blocking these harmful websites. A little harm is done, mostly to people who intend harm in the first place, and much good is done to people who badly need it. It is a Faustian bargain, but it is worth it. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

The Western mindset that censorship is automatically bad is outdated and unsuitable for 2014 and beyond. We need to just relax and let the smart people do their thing. We're better off with them in charge rather than the mob. If you disagree, then say so - but don't doubt China's justification for its own point of view, which I doubt anyone, especially those in this "freedumb center", has even taken a moment to think over.

Comment: Make it require outdated browsers and Oses (Score 1) 151

by Billly Gates (#48442435) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Practices For Starting and Running a Software Shop?

Then turn around and offer it fix it for a very inflated price once websites wont render anymore after you force them to use your product. Make sure it ties into as many business processes unrelated to your product selling points as possible so your customers can fire people who do the things your software does. Therefore can't leave you when done.

You will go well in the medical industry especially.

Comment: Re:Guffaw! So much overhaul it's FOUR better! (Score 1) 167

by Billly Gates (#48441887) Attached to: Windows Kernel Version Bumped To 10.0

Then they used a very crappy method of version checking - the command line "ver" command doesn't return anything like "Windows 95"

Doesn't matter as these companies only hire inexperienced Indians to develop the software so the CEO can get his bonus.

An app failing due to a stupid version check done incorrectly brings in revenue as these customers will now have to pay twice :-)

I have seen this in the medical industry where an outdated version of IE is targeted on purpose knowing it will create demand for another purchase later on when websites stop rendering correctly. It doesn't make economic sense to hire good coders who prevent future re-purchases.

Also the MBAs are stupid and will just deny upgrades and approve software without IT's approval that is poorly written. After all IT is a cost center and they know more and are better than we are because they are profit centers. If you do not like go work elsewhere etc ...

+ - What Does The NSA Think Of Cryptographers? ->

Submitted by mikejuk
mikejuk (1801200) writes "A recently declassified NSA house magazine, CryptoLog, reveals some interesting attitudes between the redactions. What is the NSA take on cryptography?
The article of interest is a report of a trip to the 1992 EuroCrypt conference by an NSA cryptographer whose name is redacted.We all get a little bored having to sit though presentations that are off topic, boring or even down right silly but we generally don't write our opinions down. In this case the criticisms are cutting and they reveal a lot about the attitude of the NSA cryptographers. You need to keep in mind as you read that this is intended for the NSA crypto community and as such the writer would have felt at home with what was being written.
Take for example:
Three of the last four sessions were of no value whatever, and indeed there was almost nothing at Eurocrypt to interest us (this is good news!). The scholarship was actually extremely good; it’s just that the directions which external cryptologic researchers have taken are remarkably far from our own lines of interest.
It seems that back in 1992 academic cryptographers were working on things that the NSA didn't consider of any importance. Could things be the same now?
The gulf between the two camps couldn't be better expressed than:
The conference again offered an interesting view into the thought processes of the world’s leading “cryptologists.” It is indeed remarkable how far the Agency has strayed from the True Path.
The ironic comment is clearly suggesting that the NSA is on the "true path" whatever that might be.
Clearly the gap between the NSA and the academic crypto community is probably as wide today with the different approaches to the problem being driven by what each wants to achieve. It is worth reading the rest of the article."

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Comment: Re:Sounds reasonable (Score 1) 237

by Znork (#48439733) Attached to: Swedish Court Refuses To Revoke Julian Assange's Arrest Warrant

Coercion would of course obviate the need for explicit objections. There was no coercion here.

There are of course grey scales of coercion as well. Physical threats would definitely get ruled as rape, but there have been cases where the woman didn't object because she felt like she'd be considered a spoilsport or not cool enough. Those cases have generally not been considered rape by Swedish courts. Unless the law gets changed to include a consent requirement, the courts are quite straight forward on that point; if you feel you are getting raped, you have to tell the person you think is raping you in such a clear way that there is no possibility of misunderstanding.

Sleep is incapacitated and if she had objected upon waking, or failed to wake up (oddly deep sleeper, or more commonly, due to drugs or alcohol), there would have been no question that she had been raped. She did wake up, and by not objecting even when it was clear he wasn't wearing protection, moved that sex into the standard wake-up-sex category which is not generally considered rape under current laws.

And no, they're not my standards, they're Swedish law. Personally I'd prefer a mandatory contract and video taping, just to get everyone to shut the fuck up about the whole debate. It wouldn't cost me anything as I consider thorough negotiation part of any sex I'm willing to engage in, and if someone can't even talk freely and explicitly in detail about exactly what they do and don't want, I sure as fuck am not going to take them to bed.

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