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Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 305 305

Then this guy has to be a wizard:

The wizard in question is a world champion, but he does demonstrate that it's entirely possible to shoot a clay pigeon, which is MUCH smaller than the drone in question, at twice the distance. And the clay pigeon is moving a lot faster than the drone would have been.

Out of curiosity, have you never SEEN a shotgun loaded with birdshot used to hunt birds? Kills at 200+ feet all the time.

Comment Re:Problem with Samsung ... (Score 1) 67 67

The all-eggs-in-one-basket per company isn't so much a company strategy as an investor strategy. The investors in public companies prefer if the companies divest any non-performing asset, as they themselves don't end up with all the eggs in one basket, but are instead free to move in and out of companies and sectors without getting a lot of overhead in the deal.

Whether it's good for the companies themselves is of course another issue...

Comment Tizen? Don't make me laugh (Score 5, Informative) 67 67

I worked on a contract in which an auto manufacturer was trying to use that abomination, and we could never even get the source to compile. Literally a year later, it came out that Samsung was trying to use both git/gerrit and Perforce as version control for it, mixed between different teams:

Time went by and Bad Things started to appear. Git/gerrit was official in some teams, but Perforce was official in other teams (even working on the same component). Some patches went there, some there. The management finally decided Perforce code should be used as THE source for building OS images. Again, they only forgot to tell everyone else to stop using git

Both repositories diverged to the point of being almost incompatible. Issues in Perforce code were given to git teams, which resulted in a litany of WTFs. After all, there’s not many things more fun than being tasked with fixing a bug in code that you physically don’t have. ASAP. Meetings took place, arrangements were made to rectify the situation. Months later, the situation is still the same.

One implication was code review process. With gerrit in place, that was a non-issue. But the Korean teams didn’t (and still don’t) understand the notion of code review and pushed everything directly to the repo. The quality of some patches was so bad that enforcing code review became top priority for non-Korean teams. Finally, a solution was developed – MS Word based code review. Each changeset needs to be attached to a bug in the tracker. Each bug can have a Word document attached with a request for code review. That document is a three pages long form with information so useless, nobody even wants to read it. At the end there’s a place for copy-pasting a diff for each file changed, with the explanation why. Reviewers are supposed to fill a Word form with details about which line they comment on and what their issue with it is.

Submitting a patch, clicking through the awful issue tracker and filling the form takes literal hours. All this because using git with gerrit was too tough. Fortunately, the review form has fields listing times taken by various steps in fixing a bug. Maybe someday someone will read how long pushing the code actually takes.

No, they won’t.

Luckily, that contract was short term. But because I put it on my resume, I got a few head-hunters inquiring about it. Quickly though, interest waned. Not hard to see why...

Comment How about forced upgrades! (Score 1, Troll) 383 383

I just did 2 new Windows 8.1 images and ran WIndows update. It keeps forcing 10 shitware on me! I tried creating and cancelling a reservation and it still tries to open WIndows update automatically to install.

No matter what everytime I reboot WIndows update keeps popping up trying to install Windows 10 automatically.

I guess if you imaged a PC before July 24th you were fine. UGH.

Comment Buggy as hell. No rush (Score 1) 175 175

Do not bother upgrading folks if what you have works fine unless you have a pyschotic episode with the flat look of 8.1 and can't find classic start.

There are many many bugs. Items do not fill in properly in menus. Adhock wifi not available, disjointed tiles in TV and music, Edge crashing, Edge having no extensions, poor battery life on the surface pro 3, One drive not having placeholders, Grove not having select all on playlists, .NET 4.6 JIT tail bug where arguments get scrambled, and many many others in just the first few days reported

This reminds me 0f XP. Yes, XP pre - SP1. XP was not considered God by users and IT departments in 2001. It was buggy and had compatibility and network probloems before SP1 and SP 2 was where it finally got somewhat solid.

Windows 10 has an unfinished and baked feel. It won't touch my systems until Redstone update 1 something later this fall ... or maybe next summer as I see it more as just hittting beta now as MS rushed this.

Comment Ok, well, let's give up then (Score 1) 119 119

Well, he seems to be saying a lot here The myth of startup success is just that: a myth. Declining infrastructure, a confluence of events, absolutely requiring the Big Lie merely for Silicon Valley to function. His conclusion is devastating and disheartening. So, seeing that he has proven his point, why don't we just give up? Silicon Valley is a failure. We need to change to a sustainable, workable system that provides benefits to everyone over the long run, instead of enriching a few people. Let's start turning the lights off and winding things down, everyone. It's over.

Comment Re:Cherthoff is a goddamned criminal. (Score 0) 82 82

You right-wing nutbags make me laugh, shaking your tiny fists in rage at your holy Constitution being violated like an altar boy after Mass. African-Americans had no voice in its creation, it's invalid by definition. The people who wrote it were slaveowners. It's time for your kind to fade into history. There, there, Grandpa, put down your gun, TEH COMMIEZ aren't going to get you, it's nap time now.

Comment Re:Passed data with a ton of noise? (Score 3, Informative) 353 353

Except that the $300 cable isn't grounded on either end, and shows a high level of crosstalk. So the arrows on this cable are just to make people think it's worth the $300.

This cable is better than a $2 cable: It's well built, and meets the specs - barely. But you can get $10-$20 cables that are as well built, and meet the specs with less margin for error (these literally tested as 'within the specs' by less than the margin of error on the testing device) easily.

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