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Comment: Re:Why should I believe this information? (Score 1) 142

by glwtta (#47113729) Attached to: No, Doesn't Require 500 Million Lines of Code
No one expects you to take anything as fact.

Those numbers do, on the other hand, sound plausible for a project of that type and size. Including the breakdown between different languages.

Whereas the 500m number is absurd on its face. You're not expected to take away more than that.

Comment: Re:Nonsense (Score 1) 321

by glwtta (#47112635) Attached to: I Want a Kindle Killer
I can see how the organization is limited, but yeah, I usually just have a queue of 3-5 unread books. I've only had it for 3 years, though, and that's not a long-enough time frame for me to re-read something.

I haven't found the Kindle to be of much use for tech books and journals: it would need to be at least A4-sized and much sharper (and probably color) for that.

What I would appreciate is better within-book search, and more functional "X-Ray" (that's actually available for more than 1 book in 10).

Comment: Nonsense (Score 2) 321

by glwtta (#47109299) Attached to: I Want a Kindle Killer
It's a book reader, only two things matter: screen quality and the ease of getting books on it.

I would've included battery life, but that's been a solved issue with the Kindle from the beginning.

None of the "killer" features listed would do a damn to improve the reading experience, and some of them would be very annoying. Didn't the whole Siri debacle finally demonstrate that no one wants to yell at their devices?

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