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Comment: Re:Mobile Data cant exceed capacity (Score 4, Interesting) 103

by glomph (#39978185) Attached to: American Cellular Companies Clamor For Fresh Spectrum

Totally correct; In Germany it's 3GB on a no-contract no-commitment prepaid SIM for €20/mo. (if you go over, you still get service, but 56k-ish speeds)
This is on the Deutsche Telekom network, probably the best in that market.

MORE importantly, in lower-use cases, you can get 200MB/500MB/1GB for €8/10/13 per month. Most users in the US really use little data, and have to pay out the ass for mandatory 'data plans'. This is where the real theft is in this FreedomLand scam.


+ - Gizmo5 to Cease Operations 1

Submitted by theNAM666
theNAM666 (179776) writes "I just received an email from Gizmo5, which begins:

"Gizmo5 is writing to let you know that we will no longer be providing service starting on April 3, 2011. A week from today, March 11, 2011, you will no longer be able to add credit to your account.

Although the standalone Gizmo5 client will no longer be available, we have since launched the ability to call phones from within Gmail at even more affordable rates."

For those who don't know, Gizmo5 is an intergrated SIP/online phone service, spanning Skype, GTalk, and other services, which allows users to call out or in from a variety of devices-- that is, a service which allowed me to call in or receive calls with a single or multiple phone numbers on a PC, a SIP-enabled phone, and other devices.

In particular, Gizmo5 allowed me to route incoming GTalk and other SIP numbers worldwide, back to my handheld (via SIP) or PC, in a single solution.

GIzmo5's purchase by Google, which closed it to new sign-ups, and ultimate mothballing is highly disappointing — as Google does not seem to have a commitment to maintaining the same service, and has provided next-to-no information until now.

What obligations to companies have to maintain services that customers have grown used to, besides a "thirty day notice?" And do readers have suggestions, for Gizmo5 alternatives?"

Comment: Re:Nokia E70 or N95 (Score 1) 374

by glomph (#23537065) Attached to: Smartphones For Text SSH Use — Revisited
True, true SpzToid, the -only- problem I have with the N95 is leaving the thing on with the GPS going, or something. Sure battery death within 8 hours. If I just run the basic stuff, it's just like any other phone, battery lasts 2 or 3 days.

I'm using a third-party bluetooth keyboard that I got for around 50 bucks, it's fine.

This model, (iGo Stowaway)

The sportstracker is way cool, although the GPS sometimes takes a while to get initialized.

+ - OpenLDAP 2.4.6 Released->

Submitted by
markjl writes "OpenLDAP 2.4.6 has been released, the first official release in the 2.4 branch, preliminary benchmarks are underway to compare performance with Microsoft ActiveDirectory/ADAM. This new branch announcement represents many performance and feature enhancements to the client, server, and libraries as well as improved documentation (one of my peeves with the project). The server support multi-master replication with dynamic configuration and monitoring, improving it's robust feature set."
Link to Original Source
United States

Journal: Martial Law In The U.S.?

Journal by cybermage

Since 9/11, several major hurdles to martial law inside the United States have been removed by the Bush Administration and the Republican Congress. All that really remains at this point is an excuse.

The first domino on the road to martial law comes in the form of the Authorization for Use of Military Force passed by Congress on September 18th, 2001. The Authorization says:

It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - SysAdmin/Developer Rivalry

Submitted by DA-MAN
DA-MAN (17442) writes "I've been a SysAdmin for about ten years now. During this time I have gone from working at a small organization to a much larger organization. I work hand in hand with developers to debug, find bottlenecks and in general assist. During this time I have never had any issues with developers, in fact one lead developer went to management and had me issued a monetary award for my "work" on his project. In the much larger organization, I am one of many sysadmins but I see that my peers also have good working relationships with the developers they work with. My question is, does the sysadmin/developer rivalry still exist? Has it gotten better in the past few months or am I and every sysadmin I've worked with "one of the good ones"?"

+ - APEC Cell Phone Jamming Not Practical: Expert

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "When President George W Bush attends the APEC Summit in Sydney, Australia in September, his motorcade will be shadowed by a helicopter equipped with signal-jamming equipment, blocking cell phone reception around it in an area the size of a football field. However, government officials plan to allow emergency calls through but a telecommunications researcher says this isn't possible. "We're not convinced you'd be able to do that. There's no distinction between outgoing emergency and normal calls," said Jeff Kasparian of the Institute for Telecommunications Research in Australia. Terrorists have used mobile phones to detonate remote-controlled bombs in Iraq and in the recent Bali bomb attacks."

You know you've landed gear-up when it takes full power to taxi.