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Comment: Shift already occurring in scientific research (Score 2) 237 237

In our latest studies on various diseases associated with aging, many are now following younger subjects. The major problem is that annual followups tend not to work as well, since younger people are busy, so you have to go from an annual cycle to an every 2-3 year cycle. However, this makes changes more noticeable. Following subjects when they're very young is more difficult, as they tend to move a lot more. So most studies now are shifting to a 35-40 lower age range.

Comment: Re:lettuce under LED grow lights? (Score 2) 256 256

In some locations, we have underwater hothouses, due to a lack of arable land (e.g. mountain states and provinces in the West). In other places, there's not a whole heck of a lot of sun, so using the energy from nearby wind and hydro, you can easily run LED to grow plants in seasons where it might not otherwise be viable.

Buildings can be built to grow things. Here at the UW, we have many buildings with green roofs and green walls, and some have entire bioenvelopes.

Comment: Re:US Passenger Rail makes no freakin' sense (Score 1) 154 154

High speed rail doesn't make much sense when you have continuous density, but does make sense when you have dense cities every 1-3 hours drive apart.

Which is the I-5 corridor.

It takes time to get the trains up to speed. Japan uses them for the same reason.

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