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Comment Re:Telco oligopoly (Score 1) 569

Just to set the record straight, Norway's internet offering leaves much to be desired. Sure if you're lucky to have fiber it's great, and fiber is becoming more widespread, but Telenor's DSL lines are generally massively overloaded. In many places very close to major population centers it impossible to even get DSL or cable, so you are stuck with satellite or 5 ghz wireless, both of which cost well over $100/month for any reasonable speed.

Mobile data coverage is just as bad, with many holes in 3g coverage even in Oslo metro area.

Comment Re:Nails still much faster. (Score 1) 279

Are you serious? Have you been around a construction site in the past 10+ years? Pneumatic air nailers are used almost exclusively , which are easily five times faster than a screw gun. The nails come in clips that can be loaded 50 at a time. Paslode even makes nailers that don't need an an air hose.

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