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User Journal

Journal: cybernetics in the 3rd order

Journal by globaljustin

This is my first journal entry.

I will chronicle my scientific and business related endeavors.

My business approach uses Cybernetics.

What do I mean by Cybernetic Approach:

A 'cybernetic' approach to problem solving and decision making is a way of contextualizing and processing decisions.

Cybernetics is, roughly, the study of how humans interact with systems. What makes the approach useful is the trans-disciplinary connotations of the word 'systems'

Everything is a system! Nature is a system, your face is a system, a soufflé is a system, a beer in your glass is a system, a crowd of people is a system, this website you're reading is a system...


It might seem reductive...'of course it's a 'system'...that tells me nothing' you might say...however this contextualization puts everything we observe into a systemic context, which guides how we progress.

So that is a bit of theory about cybernetic systems. Now, the **application** of that systemic approach is where cybernetics really shines, and IMHO shows that it is the most fit method of inquiry.

Cybernetics is **applied** trans-diciplinarily as well. No application of a action to control a system is out of bounds. ALL methods and means are used to capacity as needed.

ex: writing a 'novel'...

there are many approaches to writing a novel, some authors I've read will sit and type out a book they like as a way to get the feeling of doing the work...others like seclusion...it's up to the writer...the writer **chooses** at several decision nodes exactly how the novel will be

choices, multifactor analysis, nonquantifiable data, decision nodes...this is something a cybernetic approach can assist

if an author was truly taking a 'cybernetic' approach to the decision making process of writing a novel, she would use **every** style and genre as it fit the needs of communication

nothing is out of bounds, and indeed, by design, all possible methods are not only 'in bounds' but the method requires using all of them (or at least the possibility that any might be used)

ex: choice of narration style. will this novel have a narrator? will the narrator be a 3rd person omniscient? will they be a character in the story who is 'telling' the story to the reader? will they be a reliable narrator?

"yes" is the cybernetic answer...

communicating the message to the reader is the single most important factor...full expression...

cybernetics gives us the freedom to choose any tool we like to accomplish our goal, as long as...it accomplishes the goal

"Success covers a multitude of blunders." -- George Bernard Shaw