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Comment: message is a message (Score -1, Troll) 126

by globaljustin (#47795519) Attached to: Microsoft Shutting Down MSN Messenger After 15 Years of Service

We are, of course, talking about MSN Messenger which is a client server instant messaging program similar to ICQ.

get over yourself...we're all impressed you know the back-end differences between programs that send text from one computer to another....but it's ***completely irrelevant***

Of course you are wrong; that was not the same

yes, they are...they are the "same" in every way that matters to this're trolling by saying this, because those backend programming details are not relevant to a discussion about IM services being ended

the joy/wonder of instant messages were that they went *from any computer to any computer*

****that's what people have nostalgia for****

no one has nostalgia for MSN Messenger...maybe nostalgia thinking of how M$ tried to force you to use it systemically...sort of like sarcastic nostalgia for a horrible teacher in high school....sarcastic nostalgia

Comment: mother of all demos (Score 0) 91

by globaljustin (#47791313) Attached to: Google Introduces HTML 5.1 Tag To Chrome

I know who invented the damn internet (not Behrners-Lee or Gore) and the whole notion that the abstraction that is the "world wide web" was somehow important to the **actual internet** is ridiculous

nit picking? i never put up a nit for you to pick! you're putting words in my mouth

non-tech media types say "Tim Behner's Lee, the man who invented the internet" all the is a *common misconception*

Behner's-Lee didn't do anything especially noteworthy in the development of the internet...the 'world wide web' is just a marketing phrase...not noteworthy...his technical contributions were as part of a working group and many others have done much more noteworthy work

Comment: nail in W3C coffin (Score 1, Interesting) 91

by globaljustin (#47789421) Attached to: Google Introduces HTML 5.1 Tag To Chrome

can we give the WHATWG the credit they deserve now?

the W3C (including "inventor of the internet" Behrners-Lee) intentionally retarded the development of new HTML & CSS standards in order to push for 'baked-in' DRM/tracking capability...

they couldn't get the changes into a version of HTML, so they sat on their thumbs and used process to keep HTML from progressing...repeat: W3C tried to keep new development of HTML from happening

enter WHATWG

we only have HTML5 & CSS3 because of WHATWG...look at the W3C...they **still** are on some version of HTML

let's get HTML5.1 across all platforms and make it the permanent development practically is so already, but I want to see people integrate this important truth of the **development of the whole internet** into their (your!) schema for tech

Comment: version control program != the code itself (Score 1) 32

by globaljustin (#47786185) Attached to: State of the GitHub: Chris Kelly Does the Numbers

ok...thanks for the reply...

download code off of it and use it, it's a hub of git repositories

now we can converse...see...what is a 'git' in's a "hub" for "gits"...

this is a 'git':

it's is a software program that is used as **version control for making other software programs**

the version control system is not the program/code you are making...they are two separtate things completely...theoretically a text editor, discipline, and good filenames is all you need for "version control"

GitHub is a storage for *code*...not just "gits"....and we all know code is just alpha/numberic

so, in practice, as I said, it seems GitHub is becoming a kind of facebook for the 1337 haxxor set, b/c people can use it to show off their personal coding projects and use GitHub's space to host their own website

so the whole "git" thing is confusing because of how they bandy about words with overlapping meanings...but that's not the main main question is about if others think GitHub is the facebook for haxxorz

Comment: "at all times" (Score 1) 393

by globaljustin (#47782361) Attached to: Should police have cameras recording their work at all times?

another dumbly worded /. poll...relevant issue, bad ontology

first, **no one** no, not one solitary jurisdiction or device maker is even considering "recording their work at all times"

the cameras have an on/off switch...where they are deployed now (yes, several jurisdictions have them now: http://www.policefoundation.or...) police are instructed to turn them on for any response to any crime or an indication thereof

so, this whole entire poll, and most of the discussion following, is completely skewed...bad polling really harms seems trivial but it frames how our whole community debates the topic

obviously, it's better to have more data from a crimescene so this is sounds like when it is already in use the officers have a workaday approach to integrating it into their workflow

debating the privacy implications is entirely dependent on the question of ****when they will be used**** and the poll's phrasing undercuts any attempt at answering

Comment: antagonistic abstract wacky names (Score 0) 32

by globaljustin (#47782163) Attached to: State of the GitHub: Chris Kelly Does the Numbers

abstract wacky names are antagonistic to rational thought...I'm **right** for expecting the name of thing to somehow relate to what it does...especially when a well understood nomenclature exists

that criticism, of the hype/nonsense language which causes users confusion, is can disagree, and hell even validly criticize my language usage, but whether or not your dumb business uses it has no bearing on my criticism of the name/function/marketing GitHub uses

Comment: social network / free webhosting (Score 1) 32

by globaljustin (#47780329) Attached to: State of the GitHub: Chris Kelly Does the Numbers

GitHub has become a alternative for the 1337 haxxor set and alot of people use it for free hosting to put up a personal site

that's my experience anyway...the idea is great, a website that hosts code for coding projects...but the whole abstraction layer of calling it a 'Git' still irks's not a 'git' it's a computer file that contains code...

any frequent uses of GitHub care to comment? what does /. think?

Comment: fair use - UID revoked (Score 1) 126

by globaljustin (#47775707) Attached to: GOG Introduces DRM-Free Movie Store

haha i'm invoking the Stallman rule and hereby claim your 4 digit UID as my pwn...** jnik (1733) claimed**...i will now add it to my collection that I wear as charms on my necklace

ripping a DVD you either purchased legally (new or used) OR you legally borrowed from a library is LEGAL

it's fair use under the DMCA

now, if you put the DVD rip file on a filesharing network, maybe that's unethical, and if you charged money for it somehow that's illegal

ripping a DVD is fair use...selling or mass distributing is illegal...really if you don't understand these things you don't really belong here...i can't *actually* take your UID but you took it yourself, by posing as an AC instead of as 'jnik'...if you actually believed what you were saying you wouldn't need to post as AC...UID claimed in spirit

Comment: obey their own policy (Score 1) 126

by globaljustin (#47775263) Attached to: Microsoft Dumps 1,500 Apps From Its Windows Store

Microsoft's new certification process, in particular, asks for clear and accurate names that "reflect the functionality of the app,"

i lol'ed at the part in bold....

M$ is not the worst offender but there up there...'zune', .NET, etc...M$ is horrible at names

i'll probably never choose to use a M$ product for the rest of my life...but maybe this is a sign they are wising up?

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