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Comment: Re:Figures (Score 2) 147

by global_diffusion (#36484930) Attached to: Osage Oppose Wind Power At Tallgrass Prairie
There's looking out for the environment and there's looking out for number one. Now we know where they stand.

I'm actually impressed. Who else is this honest? Most people wouldn't mention the oil and gas, just the environmental impact. Whether or not I agree with them, I respect the straightforwardness.

Comment: Re:250GB cap is meant to discourage competing serv (Score 1) 698

I totally agree. This is all about the video services they want to sell. I've noticed in the past month that my connection to Hulu has become extremely slow. On another point, I actually talked to the comcast people about my connection slowing down, and the comcast customer care center told me that my connection speed was due to my cookies -- I could pay to have someone come over and clean out my cookies for me, and that would make my connection faster....

Comment: Re:Parallel is here to stay but not for every app (Score 1) 321

by global_diffusion (#28243223) Attached to: New Languages Vs. Old For Parallel Programming
"Parallel is not going to go anywhere..."

Really? Look inside any machine nowadays. I'm working on an 8 core machine right now. The individual cores aren't going to get that much faster in the years to come, but the number of cores in a given processor is going to increase dramatically. Unless you want your programs to stay at the same execution speed for the next 5-10 years, you need parallel. And what we need is languages and compilers that abstract away the actual hard work so that anybody can make a parallel program.

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