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Submission + - Mindjet Launches Project Management Jetpacl->

VisualSoftware writes: "Mindjet Corporation announced the immediate availability of Project Management Jetpack, designed specifically for project teams using Mindjet's industry leading visualization software, MindManager, to kick start project planning and delivery. The brand new Mindjet Project Management Jetpack consists of an instructional whitepaper about Mindjet MindManager, coupled with 15 related maps, a project process example with 19 additional map templates, and information about Mindjet technology partners that support project management solutions."
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Submission + - Mono based version control as fast as GIT->

An anonymous reader writes: Since the arrival of GIT it seems all the SCM developers out there are obsessed with performance. GIT looks like the fastest in town (faster than Perforce, which still claims to be "the fast scm") but competitors are getting closer and closer.

What really surprised me is that a mono based SCM called Plastic claims to be almost as fast as GIT in update operations.

Is it really possible beating a native Linux application(remember, designed by Linus himself) using Mono?

The point is that the folks developing Plastic say they run their test using a local GIT installation and a remote Plastic server, so Plastic is supposed to be even faster if it were running locally! Also GIT access all its data using simple file routines, but Plastic uses a Firebird backend.

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Journal Journal: They try

When I'm not programming, you can probably find me on the golf course. Golfing is something that I don't do quite well, but for some strange reason I happen to enjoy it. I've been contemplating why I find the activity so enthralling, and I came to the conclusion that it is one of the few (if the only) sport/activity that pits you against yourself. And that is the reason golf is great. You don't need to get 15 other people together and find an open field like baseball. You don't need to f

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Journal Journal: Why do I hurt myself?

I don't get it. I've been developing with .NET now for a couple years and for some strange reason I still work in a couple of projects with ASP. No, not the ASP.NET with all the object-oriented wonderness. ASP. You know, that hideous old stepchild that we all keep locked away in the basement? Well, I'm trying to figure out why I elect to punish myself. There must be some drug that is causing me to do this. I think the thought process goes something like this:

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Journal Journal: Random Music Question 4

In the late 70s or early 80s a song was released that featured a trumpet (I think it was a muted trumpet or flugelhorn) playing over accompaniment, no lyrics (that I know of). I believe the artist was a one hit wonder, and now I have the song stuck in my head as do most of my coworkers. So, I'm begging and pleading for your help. The only thing that we know is that it sounds like a slow version of the Price is Right tune.

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