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Comment Re:Unfortunately (Score 5, Informative) 468

you do realize not more than 15 years ago you could fly with a weapon in the cabin. I'm sure you're also aware of the violence statistics in Chicago after they lifted the handgun ban.

I did not know that. 15 years ago, I flew quite often, and I thought I had to check any rifles, shotguns, or handguns. I always had to do their "residue check" which was NOT RANDOM. LIARS! But please elaborate on carrying firearms in cabin at that time. Thanks!

Comment Re:Longevity breakthrough? (Score 1) 60

Larry Niven: A World Out of Time

A guy woke up from cryogenic sleep in a new body. Nope, it is not a Utopia; things are worse than every. But they need pilots for interstellar voyages and regular citizens don't want to go. He passes the tests and goes on a _long_ trip into the future.

Comment Or just use the key (Score 1, Interesting) 97

I have never had a car with a remote lock/unlock device. I suppose it might be handy at night, but I don't have any trouble using a key by feel, either. So it seems to me the easiest way to prevent a problem is just not to use the electronic unlock.

Or don't worry about it. What are the odds that some bad guy will target your vehicle?

Comment Re:Needs to do more (Score 1) 149

That's interesting information, and of course it brings up the question, "Why not make it a multpurpose device?"

"Hey Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
"Well, I think so, Brain. If it had separate compartments and a switching valve, you could use it to fight fires, or quickly dispense spices and breading."
"Exactly, Pinky! With such a device in every kitchen, we could take over the world!"

Comment Re:They thought this would work? (Score 1) 93

Yes, your boolean logic is correct. And a very simple thought experiment will provide a solution. If you have a 2 and a 3, will you ever call? No. Never. Unless you plan to bluff. But there are so many middling hands to bluff from that might have a chance of actually winning anyway. So there is NO REASON to call with such a crappy hand, unless you really want your opponents to think you are psychotic. Can that be used to an advantage?!?

My very limited experience with "Dogs playing poker" tells me that cards 10 and higher are helpful and cards under 8 or 9 are downright toxic. But it depends on how many players are in the end game. Fewer players allow a bit more risk, more players mean I have to bail at the least provocation.

Comment Cheap phone for DIY home VOIP? (Score 1) 73

The other day, I saw a Droid phone on the WM web site for $20 or so and it got me thinking about getting one to play with. In particular, putting a VOIP client like 3CX or CsimpleSIP on it and connecting to my Asterisk server over Wifi. So I went off to WM to ask questions.

My big question was, can I buy a cheap Droid phone that they sell for their prepaid plans and use the apps without actually buying a plan? Or if I have to buy a plan, can I still use the apps on the phone (and Wifi) after my plan expires? I could not get a good answer for this, but they "thought" that the phone would stop working for apps when the prepaid time expires.

So, is there a really cheap way to get an Android device with Wifi that will run a VOIP client? It would be really fun to have one or two around the house to connect to my home VOIP system. Thanks.

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