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Comment: Re:Google+ failed becuase it's GOOGLE (Score 2) 175

by vux984 (#49558479) Attached to: Google Insiders Talk About Why Google+ Failed

You just wait until Win 10 launches and practically insists on MSN and THE CLOUD, Xbox for media integration, your mic as a default on device with cortana and sparton, ten tentacles hooked into your nuts and brains for every web service that defaults to bing,

Ok, yes, that's a problem. But its also not a problem.

I accept Microsoft might develop all that crap.
I accept Microsoft might turn all that crap on, or make the default rout. Note I don't necessarily LIKE it.

I also know it all going to be something I can turn off because: enterprise and government.

Those customers aren't going to put up with xbox integration, or MSN cloud signin, or always on microphones, or desktop search talking to bing. Or any of that crap... so I know that not only will I be able to turn it all off, but that it will be pretty easy too. No hacking, probably even GUI tools for it, with preset policy's I can just flip, save, and apply to any computer I buy, easily.

So while I know Microsoft might WANT 'my brainz' I also know they'll ensure they fully support not giving them 'my brainz' in a way that Google never will.

Sure google has apps for enterprise but its a bastard stepchild that is peanuts compared to their search and advertising division.

Microsoft will provide for what the enterprise wants. So when I read about horrible Microsoft feature X... I ask myself "would an enterprise put up with that?" and if the answer is no, I don't worry about it. And so far that's never let me down.

I do worry about Windows as a subsription service. -- Enterprises by and large are already on one. And I figure the 4k drm garbage will be real... enterprises by and large won't give a shit whether the pc's will play hollywood 4k movies or not.

But requiring an MSN account to sign into windows? Yeah I'm not worried about that. Requiring xbox integration? Nope. Not worried. Requiring always on Mic? Nope.

Comment: Re:Islamic idiocy... (Score 1) 386

by jandrese (#49558131) Attached to: Woman Behind Pakistan's First Hackathon, Sabeen Mahmud, Shot Dead
One could argue that the Islamic world went through an reverse of the Enlightenment. An unenlightenment if you will. People like to blame the British for screwing everything up (they certainly did not help), but really they were exploiting the repressive and regressive systems held in place by petty tribalism that long predated their appearance.

This is going to be a continuing problem until they figure out how to get some separation between church and state. This separation will be difficult to achieve so long as assassination of potential political rivals remains commonplace. The christian world had the advantage of making the separation back when a King could be reasonably protected against assassination by simply living in a castle and keeping a close eye on his advisers and family. Today with high power sniper rifles and small but powerful bombs available to any random stranger it is much harder to avoid being assassinated.

Comment: It wasn't better. (Score 4, Insightful) 175

by jandrese (#49557789) Attached to: Google Insiders Talk About Why Google+ Failed
The big problem with G+ is that it was basically Facebook by Google. They tried to make a big deal about the circles but I didn't know anybody who found that to be a compelling feature and it just made the site more of a headache to use. Plus if you really care you can do that on Facebook anyway. This wasn't like Myspace where the site was quickly swirling the drain and people needed someplace new to go. Facebook still works alright for most people (although the way they keep using every trick in the book to use "Top" view instead of "Most Recent" is still obnoxious) and their friends are already there. It never had that killer feature to overcome people's inherent inertia.

Comment: Re: Do not (Score 1) 113

by PopeRatzo (#49557337) Attached to: Liquid Mercury Found Under Mexican Pyramid

A bunch of workers hanging their body weight on the lever end would raise the stone a foot or two. You prop the stone with some timbers, shorten the lifting rope, and repeat. When the stone gets to the next level of the pyramid, you rotate the lever arm horizontally and pivot the stone to the next step.

Sounds plausible, except how does that lever get the stones to the top of a 455' structure? The widest "step" doesn't seem like it would allow room for enough guys to exert 800 lbs on a lever, much less for the lever itself. And we're talking a pretty long lever by the time you get halfway up. Then, you've got all the limestone sheathing to put up and you have to make sure the inside chambers are there, and accessible..

However they did it, it's pretty remarkable. I got to see it once up close and it's amazing.

Comment: Re:No comments about SJWs yet? (Score 1) 386

by westlake (#49556689) Attached to: Woman Behind Pakistan's First Hackathon, Sabeen Mahmud, Shot Dead

SJW's are usually trust fund babies and well-off morons that got bored with collecting tangible things and began collecting stories of oppression as bling. They're charlatans and ideologues, profit mongers and zealots.

The geek has a future in the Kansas state Senate.

Well as I'm sure you've figured out, ''sjw'' stands for social justice warrior. Back when I and a few others started this tumblr several years ago, ''sjw'' seemed, to us, to be more of a criticism on people who used social justice to further their own bigoted ends, push already marginalized people out of their own spaces, and dominate discussions with bigoted rhetoric.

In the years since this blog died out,''sjw'' came to stand for anyone who supports social justice, a favorite go-to insult for white male nerds/libertarians/redditors. This blog is now followed by people with that attitude, and still gets asks of that nature. Hence the (partial) reason why I no longer update, even though I've somewhat returned to tumblr.

Fuck No Tumbler SJW

"Social Justice Warrior" has no visibility in Google Trends before 2013 --- and in the pejorative sense has never caught on outside the United States. Thank god. social justice warrior

Comment: Bias is not an absolute (Score 1) 78

A person in the FCC with past in the industry can be biased in favor of their previous employers in some ways, and not so biased in others.

In other words: the bias can be unintentional or subconcious and systemic ---- For example, it can lead to certain ways of thinking about certain policies ; However, in extreme situations, they will not overtly side with their past employer when it would be obviously to unfair degree against the interests of whom you are supposed to serve.

A good outcome out of a few policy definitions cannot definitely affect this for the positive.

It can be very easy to prove bias exists, if you have an extreme enough pattern.

Proving no bias or "fair treatment" not counting more than fair weight to the corporate position of previous employers, in policymaking consideration; would be extremely difficulty (if impossible) to ever establish.

Comment: Not likely (Score 0) 85

by PopeRatzo (#49555595) Attached to: Apple's Next Frontier Is Your Body

Hell, I won't even use digital thermometers out of concern that they'll upload my body temperature to the internet. I'm not going to be uploading my vitals to some app developer in Mencino.

Honestly, I think we're seeing late-stage Apple at this point. Each new product announcement makes a smaller and smaller blip on the radar, and Apple is entirely a company whose fortunes are tied to the faddish vitality of a brand name. Every year Apple does less and less to differentiate itself, and their older products are starting to whither a bit. The people who were excited about OSX 16 years ago have less and less to be excited about with each passing year and those aren't the same people who are going to get excited over a watch or something that will tell them they need to exercise more.

I'm not saying Apple is going to crash and burn or disappear, but when a company's capitalization is their biggest news don't make the mistake of thinking the future is a foregone conclusion. (see: IBM).

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