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Comment Re:Why is prostitution illegal in the first place? (Score 1) 153

The expected moral indignation of those in our population who believe prostitution is just bad. I don't think there's much constructive discussion to be had here one way or the other.

And yet this discussion - to what extent do you have a right to force your moral standards on me - is the important one.

2. Prostitution is *heavily* associated with human trafficking, along with other behaviors that boil down to a girl being forced to sell her body, rather than wanting to. This is the reason that really matters.

Right, so the same people who consistently vote conservative positions because justice is something to be had only on the other side suddenly become concerned about human suffering when sex is involved. I call bullshit.

Comment Re:Knee-jerk bullshit. (Score 1, Interesting) 82

You don't make a better world by dissipating capital.

It depends on which definition of the word "dissipate" you are using. If it's the first definition, "to disperse, or scatter", then it absolutely makes the world a better place. If you use the second definition, "squander or fritter away", then maybe yes, maybe no. Economically, if Mark Zuckerberg's shares were turned into $100 bills and dropped from a helicopter, it would without a doubt improve the world more than having it remain as Facebook capital.

It's an idea so old, it's positively Biblical.

Comment Re: heh (Score 1) 138

The Masterlock #-series locks are sheer pin locks. That is, in order to set the pins, you literally insert the key you want it keyed to, and sheer the pins off to the lengths that match the cuts in the key.

Basically, this is identical to all pin tumbler locks....

Well, it's immaterial whether the manufacturer chose to use different size pins as replaceable parts, or whether they chose to cut the key pins to the same length when keying. It would be generally better if they would thread their pin chambers, use ASSA-style high-security pins, get the slop out of their pin chambers (tighter tolerance), and tighten up keyways closer to European lock tolerances, so attackers cannot get a rake or paperclip in there.

I understand the typical Masterlocks are considered easy to pick, because they have really really sloppy manufacturing tolerances, also their locks have only 4-pins, where you'd really prefer to see at least 6-pins, they don't consistently use High-Low High-Low key patterns to deter pick access, they generally provide too much extra space in their keyways for ne'erdowells to easily access with a pick.

Anyways, if I wanted a secure padlock.... I would consider ones such as Trioving 5652R, Abloy PL342, Abus disc detainer models, or at least an American Locks lock (After modd'ing to disable the bypass punch).

Better install with the lock a protective cover over any hasp (if applicable)

Don't bother with a >$50 lock; if it's just securing a weak chain, or if the actual item costs not much more than the lock.

Comment Re:heh (Score 1) 138

But everybody needs to realize that locks and keys only keep honest people honest anyway.

I would say the purpose of locks is to persuade Lazy people to go pick another target. Honest people shouldn't steal anything, even if it were left unlocked, although the lock might also dissuade some people from taking up crime at an early age, or "borrowing" something without permission, since now they would be forced to commit a definite crime or a more severe offense.

Comment Re:Really??? (Score 1) 153


Your attempts to post anonymously are a sign that you may not love Big Brother with your whole heart. Please report to MiniLove Room 101 at 8:00 AM for a refresher course.

You may bring your own caged rats, if desired. If you don't have any, rest assured we are not going spare in the caged rat department, but we cannot guarantee their cleanliness.

Big Brother loves you.


Los Angeles Flirts With Pre-Crime ( 153

An anonymous reader writes: The city of Los Angeles is considering a new plan to fight prostitution: sending letters to men who solicit prostitutes in the hopes that the letters are seen by family members. Why not just arrest them while they're doing it? Because these letters aren't being sent to the houses of men who were convicted, or even arrested. Instead, automated license plate readers would scan the cars driving down streets known to have a prostitution problem, and the letters would be sent to the address associated with those vehicles. An article about the plan says, "There isn't 'potential' for abuse here, this is a legislated abuse of technology that is already controversial when it's used by police for the purpose of seeking stolen vehicles, tracking down fugitives and solving specific crimes."

Comment Re:Untrue according to the study (Score 1) 117

Slashdot went from being a site that loved hardcore science to one that now worships at the altar of political correctness, and this is super politically correct

You don't think the National Academy of Science is "hardcore science"?

Here is the supporting information from the peer-reviewed article, and this dope doesn't think it's "hardcore science".

Comment Quite aside from the SJW issues: (Score 3, Insightful) 187

Engineering is:

1) That branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures.

2) The action of working artfully to bring something about.

3) Work done by an engineer.

Those of us who do software work create structure; we (if we do hardware as well, create and) use and empower machines; we work artfully to bring the desired outcome about; we are therefore, in every sense of the word, doing engineering, and we are engineers. Many are artists as well, in the domain of the very same pursuits.

As far as a license goes, that's in no way a guarantee of competence (any more than a college degree is), nor is the presumptive ability to sue a worthy indirect guarantee. All you have to look at to understand that is take a look at the incredibly incompetent RF systems put in place at a very large number of radio stations by the system designers, and further, at the incredibly incompetent rules and regulations the engineers at the FCC have put in place both to specify the requirements, and to validate the results of said designs. Oh, and WRT RFI as well. (The idiots at the FCC decided that high speed networking over power lines (BPL) was a reasonable idea. In the realm of undertakings that clearly show government licensed engineers up as complete buffoons, that is surely in the running for number one.)

It is perfectly valid to say that professional software types aren't "licensed engineers." But that in no way is the same thing as saying that software engineers aren't engineers at all. Or that they aren't professionals. They are quite often both. And within that context, there are good ones, bad ones, terrific ones, utterly incompetent ones - but still engineers, doing engineering.


Air Asia Pilot Response Leads To Plane Crashing ( 95

hcs_$reboot writes: The investigation took a year, but we finally know why Air Asia Flight QZ8501, en route to Singapore from the Indonesian city of Surabaya on December 28 last year, crashed into the Java Sea, killing all 162 people on board. The crash was caused by a combination of system malfunctions and improper pilot responses to cascading electrical and rudder-system problems. A cracked solder joint on the Airbus A320 resulted in an electrical interruption that caused computer-generated warnings of a rudder malfunction. The problem occurred four times during the flight. The first three times, the flight crew responded according to standard procedure, investigators said. The fourth time, however, the flight-data recorder indicated actions similar to those of circuit breakers being reset. That led the autopilot to disengage. Investigators said the crew was unable to react appropriately to "a prolonged stall condition," ending in the crash. The investigation points to weaknesses in pilot training in dealing with upsets, or when an aircraft is angled greater than 45 degrees.

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