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Google Charging OEMs Licensing Fees For Play Store 225

An anonymous reader writes "Google has begun charging OEMs for access to its proprietary Play Store applications for Android though the reported amount is as low as 75c per device. Between charging OEMs for Google Play apps, showing ads within these apps (Search, Maps and GMail) and profiling users with the data it collects this does show that Google is willing to leverage their stranglehold on the mobile market to control and monetize wherever it can. Add that these proprietary applications and the proprietary Google Play Services are the primary areas for Android innovation and development and you end up with an operating system that is less and less 'free' in the freedom and cost senses of the word."

Rap Genius Returns To Google Search Rankings 115

theodp writes "After being punished by Google for manipulative SEO tactics, a contrite Rap Genius says it's back in Google's good graces. 'It takes a few days for things to return to normal, but we're officially back!' reads a post by the Rap Genius founders. 'First of all, we owe a big thanks to Google for being fair and transparent and allowing us back onto their results pages. We overstepped, and we deserved to get smacked.' Rap Genius credits some clever trackback scraping programming for its quick redemption, but a skeptic might suggest it probably didn't hurt that Rap Genius' biggest investor, Andreessen Horowitz, is tight with Google."

NuScale Power Awarded $226 Million To Deploy Small Nuclear Reactor Design 210

New submitter ghack writes "NuScale power, a small nuclear power company in Corvallis Oregon, has won a Department of Energy grant of up to $226 million dollars to enable deployment of their small modular reactor. The units would be factory built in the United States, and their small size enables a number of potential niche applications. NuScale argues that their design includes a number of unique passive safety features: 'NuScale's 45-megawatt reactor, which can be grouped with others to form a utility-scale plant, would sit in a 5 million-gallon pool of water underground. That means it needs no pumps to inject water to cool it in an emergency - an issue ... highlighted by Japan's crippled Fukushima plant.' This was the second of two DOE small modular reactor grants; the first was awarded to Babcock and Wilcox, a stalwart in the nuclear industry."

Comment Nice. (Score 1) 17

Similar story here, except it's been a bit longer since I've posted a JE... my most recent post was when Steve Job's bit it. I've been lurking around slashdot recently, mostly reading front page articles. It seems like Slashdot is once again a good place to visit. It's like an old friend and doesn't seem to have changed all that much.

Comment Truly a sad day! (Score 1) 1613

Wow, what a sad day for the industry. I guess this shouldn't come as a big surprise since we've been hearing about his health for some time now.

I also know it's been said many times, but Steve Job was truly visionary. The last decade, and particularly since the iPad has been released, have been tremendous in terms of the amount of influence he has made (though that's been the case most of his career at Apple). Over the past few years, I slowly started picking up Apple technology. As a long term PC guy this was a tough thing to do and in hindsight, I wish I'd started earlier! I hope his legacy lives on. One can only wonder how the face of computing would have changed if he had another 10 years.

Here I am typing this on my first ever Macbook Pro. I haven't logged in for a few years here on /. but thought this story was worthy of a post. Way to go Steve, Rest in Peace!

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Journal Journal: Update.... 6

Update- tried posting this earlier, didn't notice the radio buttons for "publicize, publish, post" so I think it went to the bit bucket. So Here it is under the "post" option. Thank goodness I copied it to notepad before saving.

Comment Since you asked... (Score 1) 52

Hey dex... thanks for the JE post. It was a little nostalgic for me. I'm still lurking on slashdot! I don't get on near as much, but I usually read posts that seem mildly interesting. This one caught my attention, especially with some of the old circle members chiming in. I figured I'd say hello too... It's probably about time for me to cough up another journal entry!

I lurk on Multiply but it does seem like there is a lot of tripe on there. I also started something on facebook where a lot of my friends from church are. Most of my news material comes from digg these days, though that site seems to be going too main stream.

Hmm, maybe it's time to start frequenting slashdot again. :)
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Journal Journal: So what have I been up to?? 7

It's been several months since I've last written, so I thought I'd give a quick update. Did you miss me???

Things are going pretty well. I have been busy with work, the holidays, etc. On the work front I have been getting my feet wet with managing the day-to-day software development. It's definitely a change from being a developer, but a pretty good one. I still get to stay technical but I spend a lot of time on the "people" side of things too.

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Journal Journal: Upcoming .NET UG Presentation 2

I will be presenting in Toledo at the Northwest Ohio .NET User Group (http://www.nwnug.com) on Tues, Sept 27. The topic will cover writing .NET applications using XML. I'm going to be talking about the differences of using some of the more popular .NET XML classes including XmlDocument, XpathNavigator, and XmlReader. After that I'll introduce a shared source framework and the Microsoft shared source co

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Journal Journal: Update 2

Just thought I'd post an update as it's been a few weeks. There has been quite a bit going on lately, especially at work. Being a new manager has been keeping me busy. This week it sort of hit me- especially after I had a few meetings with my new boss. I like it but I admit I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed with all the potential projects looming and having to meet with executive level managers. Being a global company means a lot more paperwork, too.. Lately I've been wishing our team could

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Journal Journal: Ugh. Rebates coming to a grocery store near you...

I was at Kroger yesterday, picking up my perscription (I've got my yearly sinus infection) and I saw "5/$5 for all pepsi 12 packs"! I thought that was a great deal, so I picked up two packs. A few minutes later I saw another display that said "$1 per pack after mail in rebate! Sale price $2.50".

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Journal Journal: PMI is teh suck. 2

So we're finally getting settled in our house, and the bills are rolling in! I had an interest only construction loan that is supposed to be converting to a conventional mortgage. This is fine and dandy, except for the sad fact that the bank only goes by the "appraised" value of the prints on the house back before it was even constructed. This just so happens to = the contract price of the house + the cost of the lot. They won't take it to consideration the 10,000 + additional we put in

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Journal Journal: Thoughts on XBOX 360 5

I was reading the front page article today on XBox 360 interview. Dare I say it, but I am honestly starting to have second thoughts about it. I think MS is making a few strategic errors.

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