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Comment Re:Drupal rocks (Score 1) 192

The core Date module doesn't have dependencies, you don't have to enable the integration modules.

The Date module could be split into a several different projects by just copying folders into a different Git repos. Would it make any real difference, no.

PS Another reason the Date module is large is it's history back to PHP 4, which it maintained compatibility with for a long time. As PHPs included DateTime classes improve (and fix long standing bugs) it can get smaller.

Comment Re:What we need (Score 1) 209

Sorry, that was dumb and rude on my part - I glossed over everything but multiplexing.

Your right, Nginx doesn't have a FastCGI process manager built in. PHP has a couple, I use PHP-FPM which is part of PHP as of 5.3.3. There's also spawn-fcgi ( ) for more generic needs. This completely seperates the HTTP server from the application (even to another machine if you like), but is certainly another thing to configure.

As for actual connection persistence to backends, I know that has been discussed, but thought the performance difference was negligible and added serious complexity to have Nginx maintain a connection pool to backends.

Comment Re:What we need (Score 1) 209

mod_fastcgi doesn't support multiplexing either. Why would you make an incorrect comment when you can just Google something simple like this?

"The FastCGI protocol supports a feature, described in the specificiation as "multiplexing", that allows a single client-server connection to be simultaneously shared by multiple requests. This is not supported."

Comment Re:And people ask me why I don't use Chrome (Score 2) 202

It is unbelievable how completely backwards you and others get this situation.

Chrome for Windows actually follows the correct model, you just aren't used to it because so many Windows applications are completely backwards in requiring admin privileges for no good reason.

Windows allows users to execute arbitrary applications and install them as a regular user in isolated directories and registry space, that's a choice Microsoft made (and has frequently encouraged developers to support). If that's too open for you, you need to look to lock down software or get crafty with your Group Policy It's NOT Microsoft's or Google's fault, you just don't understand it.


Oklahoma Politician Wants To Tax Violent Video Games 312

dotarray writes "According to an Oklahoma politician, video games help cause many problems affecting the youth of today, but they can also help solve those same problems. Representative William Fourkiller, a Democrat, has proposed a 1% tax on every video game sold which has a Teen, Mature or Adults Only rating. He explains that half of the money would go towards helping to get kids playing outside, while the other half would be placed into a bullying prevention fund."

Comment Re:The 15 inch quad core price is very disappointi (Score 1) 495

So your managers two year old computer might be under more strain then your new computer - or have a bad fan?

Oh, and look at that, when I option the Lenovo to have specs somewhat similar to the MacBook Pro 13, it's $30 more.

I'm sure it's a fine machine, I have no problem with PCs, I was raised on them from day one. I used high end business HP's up till late 2009. I only started using Mac's because that's what the company I work for uses, and like I said, the MBP has been a surprisingly pleasant experience.

Comment Re:The 15 inch quad core price is very disappointi (Score 1) 495

I've had one since launch, been repaired twice under warranty. Xbox Live has been the best online experience for a long time and it's where most of my friends play.

It's also largely for Medica Center. Engadget recently said it's probably the best DVR experience available.

So yeah, quality.

Comment Re:The 15 inch quad core price is very disappointi (Score 1) 495

Not sure when it happened, but it was in the XP era.

I believe it also depends on the error, some more critical ones still seem to halt on the blue screen (perhaps because the machine is in a state that it can't even reboot in software). My Windows 7 desktop has done both on me (in fact I could blue screen it on demand with LogMeIn at one point, think an update fixed that).

Comment Re:The 15 inch quad core price is very disappointi (Score 1) 495

Like I said, I've worked IT, I've made purchasing decisions for notebooks from $600 to $4000 (generally HP). I still compare to the new Windows high end HP machines my company purchases and I'm comfortable saying that the MBP is competitively priced and I wouldn't trade it for any Windows machine to develop every day.

...some VM software which goes deeply into the kernel then the stability becomes flakey...

Not sure what you are talking about. I'm currently a software developer, I'm typing this on a MBP that has been running for months with multiple virtualized development servers running Apache, Varnish, Memcached, natively I'm running MySQL with a multi GB database and Eclipse all at the same time. Even my relatively beefy Windows desktop machine would be unhappy in this situation.

Comment Re:The 15 inch quad core price is very disappointi (Score 1) 495

I won't argue with anecdotal evidence, trust me I used to think like you (and I'm not a Windows hater at all, the only way to watch TV in my house is in an Xbox 360 streaming from a Windows 7 machine).

BUT like I said, having worked on a MBP for a year, I couldn't be happier. It's just a workhorse, and considering how much I depend on it, worth every penny.

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