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Comment: Re:As long as it's not Boxer, I'm ok (Score 1) 471

by glassbeat (#31830928) Attached to: <em>StarCraft</em> Cheating Scandal Rocks Korea
You're correct, but it's actually even worse than you make it sound because some of the registered sex offenders are people that did things like committing the "crime" of having sex with someone who is 16 while they're 18 or 19 or taking camera phone pictures of themselves naked and sending it to their boyfriend/girlfriend when they're both minors.

Comment: Re:but but but.. (Score 1) 373

by glassbeat (#28865629) Attached to: Northern Sea Route Through Arctic Becomes a Reality

..has caused me much hilarity, given that there was little man made CO2 pre- 1940's and at least half of the warming of the 20th century occurred then, and that post 1998 there has been no warming (cooling indeed, according to the satellite record) at all, despite increasing CO2.


1900 (-.19 C) to 1940 (.07 C) difference of .26 C
1940 (.07 C ) to 2008 (.53 C) difference of .46 C
Seems like a lot less than half, maybe you are the one who is not letting the facts bother their opinions?

"I may kid around about drugs, but really, I take them seriously." - Doctor Graper