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Comment Re: 220V should be sufficient (Score 1) 137

if you manage to find some voltage blown fuses sure but I guess those would be surge protectors.

a regular fuse would I guess work with brown outs to some extent.. (current gets higher as voltage goes down).

voltage dropping to half or about is a more common occurance in these parts of the somewhat developed but really not developed asia anyways...

Comment Re:No Tesla for you! (Score 1) 339


you order something that expensive, get invitation to a launch event hinted that you might able to be see what you're signed up to buy(!) and maybe even test drive it(!) and then the launch event is fucked up.

cancelling the frigging order because of that is super fucked up though. musk suddenly is scared of bad reviews or what?

especially since eh, isn't the whole product late as fuck too?

dunno who the f buys something like this with no reviews and no test drive - and obviously cancelling orders based on bad rap is just a signal that he doesn't think he can meet the production quotas anyways in a timely fashion.

Comment Re:Fix mobile (Score 1) 1833

3) make the mobile site actually lighter than the desktop site. classic site is much lighter on transfer and javascript than the mobile site.

and I posted about fixing the mobile adverts earlier. curate them. buy a vpn that gets you to view the site as it really is if viewed from europe and especially asia..

Comment Re: Planning for driverless cars (Score 1) 180

because the whole concept was/is made for supplanting.
thats the whole point.. you can check when it would be worth your time and you can drive if you want to. if there were enough drivers then it wouldn't be worth your time and you wouldn't be driving uber.

and working as dead time.. eh.. uber is mainly using that data to provide the drivers with foresight into when it would be worth their time to be driving.

"ooh analytics it's so much worth soo much money" is just a common mantra now.. even when it isn't. analytics about how much money investing in analytics is not so commonly seen though.

like, showing adverts makes money. having analytics about what time of day from what suburb people are viewing ads actually not so much. it only matters for squeezing a little more money out of the adverts but 99.999% of the time the advertiser wouldn't give a rats ass if the advert was shown to someone in the next neighborhood instead 4 hours later. with google ads for example the IDEA that it's shown precisely to the right people is the selling point.. but they actually just show it to enough people to catch on.

the algorithms in reality are really simple. if they weren't, then I wouldn't be getting adverts in language I don't know just because I'm in geoip location that would suggest I know that language - google has full history to figure out that I don't read any pages in that language and I don't view them on youtube.

Comment Re:Never mind... (Score 0) 204

well he is just lucky he didn't do a "react" video to it, so didn't get dmca'd.

basically, with a different title that video would be infringing on the trademark since it's a wepisode / youtube video.. that's the aim of the brothers anyways, to strip youtube of other reaction videos.

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