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Comment: Re:The all-or-nothing fallacy (Score 1) 351

it's a lot simpler for them to quote studies as basis of their policies than to create original research that they never terll anyone about.

however, it makes pork barreling much harder. if they want to protect something or ban something then they need to quote why it's bad.

I don't understand what the fuss is about though, like, isn't this how you would expect EPA to be set up in the first place? like let's say they ban one kind of a plastic and give green light to another kind of plastic, wouldn't the public have the right to know why they think the other is harmful and the other is not? if they don't tell, then it's exactly for this reason why USA is full of conspiracy idiots, creationists etc...

Comment: Re:Why the surprise? (Score 2, Insightful) 177

by gl4ss (#49575163) Attached to: When Enthusiasm For Free Software Turns Ugly

yeah why indeed should you have strong dislike for ubuntu when their pulseaudio shitfest resulted in rebootings and rebootings and tinkering when simply staying at a friends place and trying to listen music while partying!

*srsly, I got a dislike for ubuntu from that and what they've been doing since has not made that dislike any less.

Comment: Re:No surprise (Score 2) 109

the real problem with copyrights is that the "interest groups" are the people benefiting from longer copyrights and most politicians continue to think so.

however, there's the other group as well: the normal people.

the canadians should vote for politicians who think that the people are an interest group and thus should be consulted.

Comment: Re:Tell that to 3D movies as well. (Score 1) 125

resolution is my only issue with oculus rift 1st gen sdk. even the head tracking worked well enough(and most of the time I don't want it, i just want a good 90degree+ head mounted stereo display.

the fps etc. some researchers are focusing purely on that and bringing it up as a big deal because it's the only thing they can help with. -- because making higher resolution displays is not something they can try to get credit and press for.

and really, you would think that a friggin VR expert supadev would rather compare "pong" of vr to be the vrfx helmet stuff from TWO DECADES AGO.

Comment: I'd be happy with fullhd per eye + 60fps (Score 1, Offtopic) 125

yeah, it would be enough, really. I've used the rift(ks). half life 2 worked fine with it. surprisingly it was better to play with just a HACK than with the official tf2 shit! why? they fucked up the control options for the official(like 5 choices and none of them traditional kb+mouse! all had to try to stuff in head control for up / down and separate aiming from head movement or other weird things)

also what many of these journos forget is that some people will get sick from just looking someone else play doom.

the vr is already more on the doom level than pong. resolution sucks. also comparably to doom, plenty of researchers are trying to invent new controllers, walking around the room and shit. in reality, the vr headset games are best played with just a xbox controller or kb+mouse. also they're the least taxing. you don't want to be waving your hands around for 8 hours+ anyways - all their alternative control schemes are for _casual_ gaming! and who the fuck who is into casual gaming is going to invest into a vr headset for home? nobody. you want something you can play with all night long.

also due to this researcher obsession with control/head movement schemes and them getting it wrong time after time, the games that work best right now are simulator games with steering wheels or joysticks - and it's WAY beyond pong.

Comment: Re:It is awesome. (Score 1) 216

by gl4ss (#49574525) Attached to: US Successfully Tests Self-Steering Bullets


if the drones are anything to go by, the us will just flip a coin about which side it gives a sat phone to call for hits.

that is, in the bigger picture this won't matter. and in the smaller picture us snipers are already good enough in setting up killing zones and hitting targets - good enough that what they would need help with would be identifying the targets and not hitting them - and in near future term, it's unlikely these bullets will be distributed like normal daily bullet rations. also from let's say an apache, they can already hit people they want with very good accuracy. if they should or not though, the systems can not tell.

if you want the military to be better, it would be just wiser to give the grunts a two year training before sending them into action. six months of training can just give them basics of killing and surviving - whilst the job they need to perform is more akin to police(so give them an european police training).

these bullets will not win a war: they're an assassination tool. for police etc action they have very limited use as well and when is the last time US snipers performed battlefield takedowns of enemy generals? Vietnam? after that it's just setting up zones of no entry working as glorified turret mines(whilst all the propaganda of the work is still that vietnam era style, since it's more honorable).

Comment: Re:Makerspace.... (Score 2) 167

you forgot the rough-looking-but-expensive tables to sip coffee on while chatting away on the macbook how you're at the makerspace.

also add to the list to buy expensive equipment that doesn't work well and that you don't understand how it works(makerbot 5th gens fit the bill quite well) and some stuff that's no good for anyone like the rotating table 3d scanners.

seriously though.. they should add a welding machine to the shop, a decent laser cutter, maybe a water jet cutter. a mill possibly. definitely a pcb router.

basically, the kind of stuff the college kids can't have in their college rooms. a simple 3d printer fits into their rooms well and if they have one then it's likely they want to actually have all the other stuff.

Comment: Re:"Selfie" (Score 1) 61

by gl4ss (#49567101) Attached to: The World of 3D Portraiture

does a guy who by chance gets a printed mini-me and uses the word selfie incorrectly in a clickbait article, poses a question to get comments, use that word incorrectly? sure does.

he didn't do the scan. he didn't do the printing. so how is it a scan? now if he had actually made an article about buying/rigging up a full color scanner and getting a full color 3d printer, mcor or whatever, then yeah it would have been quite a cool article.

now it just looks like he's posing as stupid for the sake of creating discussion to boost himself. that's one use for a 3d printed mini me.

another user would be.. you know.. he could just give it to his mom or kids. that's the USUAL kind of way you would use of PORTRAITS. it's a portrait so how stupid you need to be to not treat it as one????

Comment: Re:I'm really conflicted... (Score 1) 109

by gl4ss (#49566993) Attached to: Stephen Hawking Has a Message For One Direction Fans

but it's not meaningful science. there's no good way of relating to public, it just lets them believe there's some other world that super genius scientists(tm) can look into (or something). if there's an infinite number of alternatives then.. well, so what? in that another universe the fan might not be a fan of one direction in the first place. but more importantly there is no possible meaningful exchange of information or observing of the alternate universe. it's basically just something made up.

it's just "poof magic science makes magic real!!!"... it will make them disappointed once they learn that there is nothing actually there in this universe to connect meaningfully with another universe.

it's just "trust me I'm smarter, feel good!". it's utter bollocks, that's what it is.

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