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Submission + - Unveiling Slashdot Mobile for Tablets

gkuchhal writes: "Slashdot Mobile has finally made it out of the gates for tablets as well as phones. The Mobile site for phones launched some weeks back, but now you can take advantage of the changes we've made to read Slashdot easier to read through touch-screen devices on tablets as well as phones. That includes features we've folded in to the mobile version from the desktop-browser view of the site, so you can scan user profiles, sip from the Firehose, and keep up with notifications. See this blog post for more details, and keep the feedback coming. If you see a problem, tell us about it!"

Comment Re:where is tablet interface? (Score 1) 39

Thanks for your interest to participate in the tablet alpha. For the sake of simplicity, we only created one survey. Feel free to skip all the questions and give us only your email address and some info about the tablet you will be using to participate in the tablet alpha.

Comment Re:Device/Browser Not Supported (Score 2) 39

That's right. Tablet app is in works, and will be launched soon. Let us know if you like to get your hands on the Tablet alpha by clicking on the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Slashdot. On the same note, we are continuously optimizing this HTML5 web app for more Android smartphones and browsers.

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