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Comment: Re:They do have one advantage (Score 1) 204

by Paradise Pete (#48669037) Attached to: Should Video Games Be In the Olympics?

There's a LOT of subjectivity in Olympic sports.

How about walk-racing? The rule is the walker must be in contact with the ground at all times....but slow motion video clearly shows they break the rule with every stride. So now they say "visible to the naked eye." And it's back in the hands of judges who, knowing full well that the walker is losing contact, have to decide if they can actually see it or just "know" it.
I guess the reason they don't fully enforce it that it would be even less interesting to watch.

Comment: Re:The US = Land of the Lawyers (Score 1) 579

by Paradise Pete (#48626307) Attached to: Reaction To the Sony Hack Is 'Beyond the Realm of Stupid'

the relatives of the one shot will sue Sony for millions of dollars due to the release of the film that Sony KNEW could unleash terrorism.

You don't really think they could win that lawsuit, do you? The only think they KNEW was that there was a threat. Sure, lawyers would probably have made the theaters and Sony post signs about the threat, but then the patrons also KNEW about the threat.
Otherwise any event in the country could be stopped by a mere phone call or email or even a tweet.

Comment: Re:I've always known this! (Score 1) 53

by Paradise Pete (#48617047) Attached to: A New Law For Superconductors

I thought it was understood because it was so painfully obvious? If only I had known the world was so stupid I would have published the law myself decades ago...

Good on you! But surely this can't be the only thing that is obvious to you but a marvel to the rest of us. So get cracking and start publishing. Don't miss another opportunity!

Comment: Re:The Pirate Bay (Score 1) 302

by Paradise Pete (#48606201) Attached to: The Pirate Bay Responds To Raid

Would Disney pay for the rights to Starwars if they could just wait it out and take it for free?

Trademarks and copyright are two different things. But I like the idea of after a short period of time, say half a dozen years, there's a small fee for renewing a copyright, with that fee rising year after year. That way the large majority falls into the public domain and remains useful to society, while the monetarily valuable ones can remain protected for as long as they're worth the escalating fee.

Comment: Re:Short sighted (Score 5, Insightful) 230

by Paradise Pete (#48595987) Attached to: Forbes Blasts Latests Windows 7 Patch as Malware

Ah yes, one bad patch and we should all NEVER PATCH AGAIN BECAUSE THE SKY IS FALLING!

How is it that you interpret disabling auto-update as meaning "NEVER PATCH AGAIN"? I took it to mean don't patch until you're confident it's safe to do so. Don't you think that's a more reasonable view?

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