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Submission + - A state with no iPhones 3

gkearney writes: "As a developer of Macintosh software I thought I would like to undertake development on the iPhone platform as well. To that end I looked into the purchase of an iPhone and the AT&T service. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I am not allowed to buy an iPhone or AT&T service, why is this you might ask? It is because I live in the state of Wyoming which has no AT&T service at all.

Wyoming has only "Partner" service and according to AT&T and according to them "Excessive use of Partner coverage may subject your service to early termination." So even if I went to another state and got an iPhone I would not be able to use it in Wyoming.

AT&T informs me that there is no service in Wyoming nor do they ever plan on offering any in the future. So in effect AT&T, and by extension Apple, are saying that if you live in Wyoming you can not permitted to have an iPhone.

Here is my question, given that there is no ATT service in Wyoming and according to AT&T there never will be, will Apple sell me one of the "unlocked" iPhone they sell in Hong Kong to use on one of the services wwe do have here? Would that even work?

Was Apple aware that a whole state was not served by AT&T Wireless? What are Apple customers in Wyoming supposed to do if they want an iPhone?

Greg Kearney"

Submission + - Guess he should have used PGP

gkearney writes: "A man is suing Microsoft because the FBI was able to read his "secure" hard drive. He was arrested for selling an air rifle with silencer (Why an air rifle would need a silencer is another story.) when the ATF seized his porn ladened computer which he had secured with various software. When the FBI computer lab was able to read his drive he file d suit. Interesting that HP and Circuit City settled with him. Now about those silencer equipped air rifles...

http://www.informationweek.com/windows/showArticle .jhtml?articleID=197700861&cid=RSSfeed_TechWeb"

Real computer scientists like having a computer on their desk, else how could they read their mail?