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User Journal

Journal: ibiza trip 2

Journal by girllovingthevibe
Been working really hard at work - probably spending far too much time on my day job. I can't believe how busy it is there. There is just so much going on. Covering an event in Detroit next month. Have a gig in Halifx in June. Planning my trip to Ibiza in September...loads of fun things approaching fast... woot woot! a little tired - but that's ok - I don't mind...
User Journal

Journal: I know 1

Journal by girllovingthevibe

I won't stop believing :)

Music growth is going well... whole process is cool. I am learning to play and sing all at once :) woot woot!

I am truly happy - truly happy :)

User Journal

Journal: Atlanta to Toronto

Journal by girllovingthevibe

Vaden arrived early Friday evening and we pranced up Yonge Street in the lightly falling snow with luggage in tow. Once home, unpacked and settled with barely one drink in he pulled out his new Mac laptop. What a piece of equipment - wow! He told me not to freak out and gave me his old laptop. I freaked out. You see; his laptop is better than my home computer. Afterwards we walked over to Rabba so I could grab some groceries for the weekend, mixed slushy drinks and Vaden's birthday breakfast. After midnight I gave Vaden's his birthday gift. I got his a few sets of collector's cards (Lord of the Rings, South Park and Betty Boop).

We are heading out for a walk and to go skating at Nathan Philips Square. Looking forward to getting outside!

I am having a bunch of people over today - early evening to celebrate his birthday. Afterwards we all heading to a place on the Danforth for Nat & Graham going away party.

User Journal

Journal: WOW - so much happening

Journal by girllovingthevibe

I realized how long it has been since I last wrote something down other than a song.

Well let's see in the last two months I have been to NEW York for the first time ever (wow), got a huge promotion at work and went home to Ottawa for the holidays. Have written my goals and already accomplished one of them already for 2007. One of the songs Optimus and I worked on is going to be on t.v. - we are in the closing credits. So incredibly exciting.

This weekend is going to be a little insane: Vaden is visiting from Atlanta to celebrate his birthday, It is Nat & Graham going away party and Caroline's baby shower on Sunday.....

User Journal

Journal: The spell now broken

Journal by girllovingthevibe

I've not seen you in a few days.
With this I am hearing you say.
No words do I need to hear spoken.
I can see that it's all but broken.
The spell -
It had you captivated
for all

User Journal

Journal: Keeping the brain awake and well more dating

Journal by girllovingthevibe

I tried Sudoku for the first time a couple days ago. I have to say it is quite enjoyable and extremely tough but totally digging it. Idan taught me a few Hebrew words yesterday - cool language - looking forward to learning more. John dropped off the Chinese q-cards and workbooks. I am getting back into learning again - missed it over the summer.

Went out last night with Caroline and Niall for dinner.

User Journal

Journal: You are such a beautiful decay

Journal by girllovingthevibe

You are such a beautiful decay.
I admit:
I do like seeing you everyday.
I will watch:
As you slowly, gently slip away.
So, I crush:
All moments in this heart's cache.
And I say (again):
You are such a beautiful decay.

User Journal

Journal: Trailer Park Boys

Journal by girllovingthevibe

You know when you get that feeling that there is a sense of familiarity. Last night I had it and should have gone with the instinctual feeling. Carolyn and I hit the movie theatre; out of my neighbourhood and into hers and went to see Trailer Park Boys. I will get in the review in a bit.

We go into the theatre. Her and I and two other boys sitting at the back of the theatre are the only ones there for a little bit. Familiar to me they seemed without keep staring back at them. I actually got up to go to the washroom to try and sneak a peek back at them.

I have to rewind a little to explain. I have two friends Mat and Kris. Mat I have only met once and via a forum board - he produces music. One night he came over to hang out and work on some music. However, we talk all the time via msn. He introduces me to a friend of his Kris, via msn. Kris I have never met however, he is another person I chat with quite often as well. Kris makes fun of my Canadians logo (sometimes posted as my msn pic) all the time as well as the fact that I am a Habs fan.

Anyways back to the story. So, we watch the movie and the two guys at back of theatre we never met - we never meet.

This morning Kris hits me up on msn and asks me if I went to the theatre last night. He then asks if I saw Trailer Park Boys. Then I ask him if he was stalking me but immediately knew my instincts from previous night were true. The boys at the back of the theatre were Kris and Mat.

MOVIE Review "Trailer Park Boys": The movie seemed a little contrived and too scripted for me. What I enjoyed about the shows is the fact that they feel unscripted and more random. I did love the use of music: it being ALL Canadian: Rush, Tragically Hip, April Wine and the boys themselves.

User Journal

Journal: My YOUTUBE site!

Journal by girllovingthevibe
MY YOU TUBE LINK. So I have started my you tube channel. I will also eventually post some stuff there...This is exciting.

I have noticed that I will have to brighten videos from this point forward - when they go onto the site they lose formatting.
User Journal

Journal: Weekend with Mychol and friends

Journal by girllovingthevibe

Mychol arrived on Friday night. We spent evening into morning at Christina's with a good small crew. The guy I have been dating showed up around 2ish am. Spinning records, dancing, chatting and chilling. Was a fantastic time - so overly due on all our parts. I had a chance not only to catch up with Christina but also had the time with Mychol.

Watched movies all day Saturday. Mychol slept and I worked on music for bit. About mid afternoon received a call came from Danny and Peter (met them earlier this summer - they worked with Mychol all summer). They were coming into town for the night. I told them Mychol was sleeping but was expecting their call. Let them know that they are more than welcome to crash at my place for a few days. After not hearing from them I decided to head out for a drink with Idan. That was pure fun - we had a wicked chat while supplying the entire bar with the songs for the night. We ended up back at my place - Danny and Peter arrived not too much longer after that and then Mychol got up. The boys went out, Mychol went back to sleep and Idan and I watched a movie.

On Sunday I woke up with a mad headache and certainly did not have enough sleep. However, the boys were up and I was not feeling the Sunday brunch mess at my place. Instead, I made the calls to everyone to let them know Brunch was being held at "The Dodger". Twas great! We grabbed a pumpkin on the way home (which I cleaned, Peter carved and Danny seperated the seeds to bake) and it is now sitting in my window (the face resembles this format ;-) Afterwards we watched movies until the early evening when I left the party and went to sleep.

Tonight Danny is going to show me how to clean my mixer and receiver because I am sure the amount of dust is affecting my recording equipment.

User Journal

Journal: Ottawa, music, biographies 2

Journal by girllovingthevibe

Spent the weekend in Ottawa. The parents live right on the Ottawa River, which was beautiful to jog along in the mornings. Soooooo good spending some quality time with mom and dad. Also cool to have seen my cousins and aunt. Thankful for the drive to and from by a friend of a friend and his two buddies - This saved me a small fortune.

Been plugging away at writing. Optimus sent me a couple more tracks to work with. Excited about him starting to work on the other two tracks I have pretty much finished the vocals for. Trying to get as much done before Caroline and Niall move in with me for a few weeks. Their current unit has sold and their new unit is not closing till November 17th.

Was promoted to managing editor at ETN. This is kind of cool - more experience to add to my writing.

Finished the Cynthia Lennon book about John Lennon. It seemed to be an honest interpretation of his life. This after reading Madonna's bio. Thoroughly enjoyed both. I have decided to stick with the biographies and picked up Andy Warhol's, which I will start at the gym today.

Trying to make arrangements to start back on the Chinese lessons. I have to remind myself in writing to obtain the q-cards from John.

Mychol will be in town, not sure of exact arrival date, to stay with me for a week or so before heading out to the east coast. I am looking forward to spending some time with him. Miss him dearly!

One can't proceed from the informal to the formal by formal means.