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+ - EA drops bid to eliminate used games market->

Submitted by girlintraining
girlintraining writes: EA has dropped its efforts to use DRM for used games, forcing users who wanted to sell their games legitimately to buy an unlock code before being able to sell it. A spokesperson said the reason for the change in policy was because "many players didn't respond to the format." This comes on the heels of an 19% drop in profits, and mass layoffs at the company.
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+ - Congress repeals first amendment amid security concerns.-> 1

Submitted by girlintraining
girlintraining writes: The Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011 passed unanimously in the US Senate and had only 3 votes against in the House this past Thursday. The bill provides the Department of Homeland Security the power to declare any location or event a restricted area. There is no requirement that these restricted areas be published ahead of time. Violators of the no-protest zones will be jailed and stripped of their rights. The bill was introduced shortly before a coordinated assault led by the DHS led to mass arrests of the Occupy protests against various corporate interests. Obama is set to pass the bill later this week.
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