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Comment: 3D Printing Issue. (Score 2) 54

by jellomizer (#47559255) Attached to: 3-D Printing Comes To Amazon

The real issue right now with 3D Printing, most of the stuff you can print is stuff most people really don't need.

The last time I wished I could have a 3D printer was to replace a Worm Gear for my Garage Door Opener. That was about 6 Months ago.

For decoration, I really don't want Cheap Plastic decorations, and a new phone case isn't that interesting either.

Right now 3D Printing is really still for industry.

Comment: Re:Lemme guess... (Score 1) 156

by jellomizer (#47558785) Attached to: How Gygax Lost Control of TSR and D&D

Wow the problems of the world are based on a particular Academic degree?
You know Slashdot blame the MBA for a lot of the problems of the world. However I haven't ran into too many of them. A lot of the bosses making these type of decisions don't have an MBA, but some other degree. BA in History, or Arts, BS in Computer Science or Physics...

Also a lot of those MBA are not the ones in charge, but can be the Tech guy next to you doing coding as well.

Comment: Re:Hamas Is 100 Percent of the Problem (Score 0) 644

by Richard_at_work (#47558027) Attached to: Gaza's Only Power Plant Knocked Offline

Ahh right, because there was no blockade or violence prior to the Palestinian people electing Hamas as its government. Oh, wait a moment, there has been violence and blockades in Gaza for 50+ years...

Hamas is just the current excuse for the Israeli pressure, not the underlying reason. But its an excuse everyone buys and that's enough.

Before the current rash of violence on both sides, Israel was more than happy to deal with the PLO, whom it handed over "power" in Gaza to in 1994 despite the PLO being responsible for as much anti-Israeli violence as Hamas ever has.

And since the current rash of violence on both sides, Israel is still more than happy to deal with Fatah, which is the continuation of the PLO, and has been merrily firing rockets into Israel alongside Hamas and other groups for the past decade, but we never hear about that...

So what's so bad about Hamas? Oh, its in power and thus can be used as a whipping boy to justify the continued pressure on Gaza and the West Bank.

Comment: Re:Radicalization (Score 3, Insightful) 644

by Richard_at_work (#47557933) Attached to: Gaza's Only Power Plant Knocked Offline

Not at all, except no country on this planet gives completely equal rights to all fellow citizens - hows that gay marriage thing coming in the US?

So in the context of the point raised by disposable60, Iran has both Christians and Jews in office, and your post is nothing more than an attempt to sideline that fact.

Comment: Re:Hamas Is 100 Percent of the Problem (Score 2, Informative) 644

by Richard_at_work (#47557245) Attached to: Gaza's Only Power Plant Knocked Offline

You realise that those rockets Hamas has it was probably getting for free, and those tunnels it built were actually the main way to get food and supplies into Gaza due to Israels blockade on imports, as they limited total food shipments to just 136 truck loads a day, for the entire Gaza population of 1.8million...

Hamas are far from blameless, but they also aren't anywhere near 100% of the problem.

Comment: Re:Appropriate punishment (Score 1) 234

He also labors under the left-wing echo chamber meme about "corporate personhood".

In the ruling, the SC made it expressly clear this was not some corporate pseudo-person's right to speech, but rather the rights of the owners, who carry along the right of free speech whatever they do, like anyone. Congress is specifically disempowered from attaching conditions to speech when creating groups of people, such as a "corporation".

For that matter, the money is speech because it buys use of a press, which is also specified in the First Amendment, and deliberately so, lest rulers want to try to control speech indirectly by banning or controlling the press, which they did all the time, too.

Comment: Re:OKC's match algos suck (Score 1) 145

by Impy the Impiuos Imp (#47554173) Attached to: OKCupid Experiments on Users Too

It's called the "tyrrany of dimensions". The more variables you have, the more data points you need exponentially to derive meaningful partitioning analysis from it, regardless of how clever your distance algorithms are.

And they have hundreds of questions when a dozen would be about all the entire population of Earth could support.

Comment: Re:Bigger phone batteries would be nice. (Score 1) 117

Okay, here is my question of the day. What the FUDGE are you doing in the woods where you want a Cell phone on all the time? Smart phone at that (feature phones can last days on a smallish battery)? Additionally, you should likely be carrying a battery backup that actually holds a big charge (10,000 MA min), the unit you have won't run my Andoid phone for more than 5 hours. While the battery backup I carry will run it for 40 hours of normal use. Hell, my spare batteries (size matters) are more 600MA bigger and a lot smaller in size. Here is the key to the failure ...

Freeloader’s solar panels can charge its internal battery in as little as 8 hours

Takes longer to charge than it lasts under normal conditions of my phone. Weighs more than several spare 2100MA batteries for my phone. More expensive than same several batteries or a nice big external battery pack. You might want something like this instead.

Anyways, here is my points, in a nutshell

1) Camping; Defeated the purpose of "gettting away from it all"
2) Hunting: Scaring game away every time you get a txt/call (Vibrate makes noise). Silent mode works, but unless you're checking every three minutes. See also #1
3) Logging; You're busy working, get a feature phone* (not smart one) and be done.
4) Out in the middle of nowhere; No cell signal or 2g at best. Feature Phone* is better choice.

*Feature phones work better in areas of sketchy cell service. Their battery life is very long. The battery requires less power.

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