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Comment Re:Semi-OT: Why does plain text still exist? (Score 1) 106

Well yes, runtime costs of encryption might be an issue, but that's sort of what I meant when I said nobody seems to be phased by SSL and how that works with trusted keys, etc. In short, why can't all data (like medical records) be encrypted inside systems that are incapable of exporting the plain text and can't be accessed by anything that doesn't have the cryptographic ability to do so?

Obviously, and attacker could steal the keys and write an application that read that data and then exported it as plain text. But encrypting by default would seem to a good way of preventing accidental or just stupid data breaches as so often seem to be perpetrated by idiots.

Comment Semi-OT: Why does plain text still exist? (Score 1) 106

Why does plain text still exist? Or put it another way, why is anyone who has data they must protect able to put such data into a program that will export, import or otherwise be accessed by an external system *without* an encryption key?

I know it's a stupid question, but being able to just dump a database to text is just totally wrong, no? Nobody seems to be phased by SSL over HTTP, after all. Excel, Outlook, Oracle, MySQL, etc. - stop the madness!

Comment The ratchet effect of censorship (Score 1) 164

"Chief executive and co-founder Steve Huffman told users: 'We've spent the last few days here discussing...'

There it is. If you've ever wondered how any repressive regime started with perfectly good intentions and ended putting humans through meat grinders, then there it is.

Imagine the scene: the great and the good at Reddit discussion what to do about revenge porn, swastikas and confederate flags in a plush air-conditioned office. They all have beautiful wives and young kids at home. Who, just who among them will seriously make any point about how Reddit is part of the fabric of free speech and that all they should do is give the community the tools to deal with it?

Nobody will. They don't want to come across as some swivel-eyed libertarian loon! We all know evil when we see it after all!

That's why I like Slashdot. Look at the length of my ID: I have never in all that time ever seen a swastika or any hate speech at all. I'm sure it exists though.

Comment Re:Seems he has more of a clue (Score 3, Insightful) 703

I'm afraid the burden of proof is on you to show the results of all your experiments proving climate change is not happening. The overwhelming evidence we have is that *is* occurring - so any disproof of this needs presenting far more than any more corroboration.

Which is how science works, BTW.

Comment It's about the gangsters and hoes, really. (Score 1) 218

"For decades, AM/FM radio has used whatever music it wants without paying a cent to the musicians"

That is completely false. They pay to ASCAP and BMI, who in turn pay to the musicians. That is why those organisations exist.

The real issue here is that those organisations are shameless parasites who take almost all the money for themselves before passing anything to the people they claim to represent.

A finer example of how utterly venal the music business is. Any musician who deals with them gets what they deserve, in my opinion.

Comment So a coat it silly, but what about...? (Score 3, Interesting) 40

While I agree that putting the fabric inside a coat demonstrates a naive view of human factors (you can't wash the coat, you have to wear it all the time, etc.), I wonder if this might simply be the first idea they had after developing the invention?

Fabric generating power from movement would seem to have applications in other places: sails on boats; flags flying on buildings; tarpaulins on trucks, maybe quite a few others if the fabric is sufficiently robust enough.

Comment Re:The systemd issue may give a clue... (Score 1) 716

And they are massively negative and destructive for Linux and its community if not repelled decisively.

Sadly, they are not going to be repelled. Reddit's main Linux sub is almost completely supportive of systemd. Say anything against it whatsoever, and you will be trolled and downvoted into oblivion.

On the other hand, I don't completely agree with you at this point, about systemd being entirely devoid of technical merit, or at least not in the minds of some. While I don't like the idea of it myself, I've encountered several people who've looked at it and think that many of its' features are worth keeping, but that the overall design is bad and needs to be re-worked.

In other words, it's given us some good features, but they will probably need to be re-incorporated into another project, with a better overall design.

Comment Re:Why make debian run slower than Windows Vista? (Score 1) 403

I can't remember the last time I did a Linux distro install, where I did not use the minimal net install image, when one was available. I always expect any distro's large default install to be full of superfluous crap; so I do not necessary resent Debian because theirs also is.

My philosophy is that there is a direct relationship between the quality of anything I receive, and the amount of work I put into it myself. So if I get something where all of the usual decisions have been made for me, then I consider it only natural that it will be horrible.

Comment Only underscores the point (Score 1) 399

While bash is by far my favourite UNIX shell, I've seen various bits of evidence that have indicated a need for major refactoring, for quite a while now. I would look into it myself, but there is always the risk that whatever changes I proposed would be rejected. Perhaps I should think about creating a fork, although that would be a lot of work.

Comment Re:Dead as a profit source for Symantec, well, ... (Score 1) 331

As another poster pointed out, it is perfectly viable for a literate - or just sensible - individual to not use an antivirus. For more than 20 years, and for various reasons (monetary, but also relating to general hassle), I have been running my family's Windows computers without any AV save for MSE in the last few years. I have yet to have any significant problems in doing so. My parents, my wife and my son (although he just uses and iPad now) are perhaps unusual in not surfing pr0n or not clicking links on emails that tell them to re-set passwords, etc. Gmail is pretty good at filtering out these in any case.

When I've mentioned this to others, it's a bit like saying you don't eat breakfast. The reaction is variously like I've broken some taboo, or that I'm risking the health of the Internet by allowing malware to botnet my machines to hell (which they aren't BTW, since I do the occasional scan using a LiveCD from time to time).

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