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Comment: Re:If HP really wants to re-invent themselves (Score 1) 394

by gilesjuk (#37245818) Attached to: Ex-Board Member Says HP Is Committing 'Corporate Suicide'

Great, so what HP needs to succeed is an inferior hardware product that costs twice or three times as much as the competition?

As much as people like to think that their own country can assemble and produce a better product, places like China and Taiwan are geared up to doing such work. The chips are made near by, the boards are made near by and there's plenty of people to do the work.

Comment: Track record? (Score 1) 394

by gilesjuk (#37241184) Attached to: Ex-Board Member Says HP Is Committing 'Corporate Suicide'

Do they have any track record in enterprise software?

It seems like HP is just another tech firm looking for the next bandwagon. But ultimately they don't have the courage and conviction to stay on it until it gets where they want it to go.

This is hardly encouraging for customers who don't like their platform investment to be wiped out by scatter-brain CEOs.

Comment: Re:Fever? (Score 1) 692

by gilesjuk (#37217634) Attached to: Acer CEO Declares a Tablets Bubble

Wrong. Tablets were around for 10 years but they were without a touch screen friendly OS.

The iPad has a UI designed for the touchscreen. It is why you never really feel the need for a mouse or keyboard.

The reason the mouse and keyboard feel most comfortable when using Windows is because that is what Windows was designed for. Also, you tend to have the screen further away when using a PC or laptop and therefore touching the screen isn't ergonomically friendly.

Comment: Re:Brilliant idea! (Score 1) 207

by gilesjuk (#37217422) Attached to: The Press Reacts To Steve Jobs' Departure — in 1985

Look at Microsoft under Ballmer, the creative spark has gone.

When Jobs left Apple in 1985 they bumbled along producing revisions of Macs and Mac OS that added very little. It took until 2001 and 4 years of Jobs to get a new OS with proper multitasking. OSX was based on all the work done at NeXT. Some of that work could have happened while he was at Apple and OSX (with a different name) could have been released in the 80s or 90s.

Comment: Rewarding laziness (Score 1) 219

by gilesjuk (#37171966) Attached to: Atari Targets Retro Community With Cease & Desist

Such long copyrights and brand names being traded around is pure laziness. The people buying brands and capitalising on IP created nearly 30 years ago.

Personally I see that there's a case for having all patents, copyright and other IP die with the company when they go bust. It offers an incentive to be creative and not take massive risks.

Comment: Drivers do more than one thing (Score 1) 323

by gilesjuk (#37088590) Attached to: Patent Applications Hint Apple Wants To Eliminate Printer Drivers

Drivers are more than just translating printer data into print outs. They have control panels for features in the printer. Multiple trays and the like.

Getting rid of printer drivers would mean having to handle these device specific features and even if you added facilities to handle these unique features there may be a situation that can't be handled.

Promising costs nothing, it's the delivering that kills you.