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Comment: there's is no "tact" to layoffs... (Score 0) 703

by gildo4realdo (#26960461) Attached to: The Art of The Farewell Email
I couldn't disagree more with this. If someone has just had a miscarriage or been diagnosed with cancer or just won a million dollars, I'd use the same method to layoff each one. Business is full of cold decisions, especially when layoffs come around, and there is no "tact" when this happens. People that complain about this stuff would still be complaining even if they rolled out the red carpet and handed them a honey baked ham on the way out. Furthermore, this is America, if you handle the layoff of a woman with a miscarriage differently than you do a man, you could have a lawsuit on your hand. The only thing to be pissed off about getting laid off is them drawing it out and preventing you from entering the interview environment sooner rather than later before more of America gets laid off and you have more competition. I'd rather know now than a week from now. btw, i'm not a manager, I'm a level 1 worker bee.

Comment: Re:Racial Profiling.... (Score 0) 1020

by gildo4realdo (#15890013) Attached to: Charter Flight Websites / Services?
congratulations those who know the exceptions to a rule cause every rule has one. Give yourself a cookie. But you actually proved my point. Profiling would also have caught those you just mentioned also. Everyone ya'll just mentioned either had a criminal record or were on a secret service "watch" list at one point in time. So their tickets would have popped up with a red flag and they would have been stopped. Don't be so stupid to think that these people just wake up one day and suddenly want to kill people. These terrorists are usually deep into certain organizations or criminal activities well before they carry out their acts.

I don't understand why people can't admit that profiling is a smart thing. The reason I picked on muslims is because they are the flavor of the day and extremist muslims have basically declared war on america and other free states. But next year it may be middle american caucasian males from 65-80. I don't know, but a system that isn't flexible and refuses to learn and adapt is terribly flawed.

... though his invention worked superbly -- his theory was a crock of sewage from beginning to end. -- Vernor Vinge, "The Peace War"