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Comment: Re:Microsoft is wasting people's time (Score 4, Insightful) 346

by gigaherz (#47451567) Attached to: Leaked Build of Windows 9 Shows Start Menu Return

Both my desktop computer AND my laptop have one thing in common: neither of them is a tablet. And Windows 8 as is is ONLY oriented towards tablets.

A lightweight OS oriented in low power usage and touch-based controls, which just happens to still maintain some sort of classic experience because they couldn't be arsed to remove it the way they removed other perfectly functional features, is not the OS I want to use.

Windows 9 may or may not be good enough to get into my computers. We'll see.

Comment: Re:She didnt relapse, it came back (Score 1) 126

by gigaherz (#47431509) Attached to: Child Thought To Be Cured of HIV Relapses, Tests Positive Again
IIRC, there's proof that the cells can purposefully activate or deactivate certain genes, and those activations become more permanent in the offspring. So animals DO have some level of "purposeful" evolution over their lives, not just over thousands of generations and natural selection.

Comment: Re: One switch to rule them all? (Score 1) 681

The trick for me to get used to Office 2007/2010, was to forget where things used to be, and search them where they are supposed to be. Then everything clicked into place, and now I like the UI quite a lot.

Note that I don't mean the SAME UI works for everything. That's a mistake some people seem to make. Different kinds of software are best with different interfaces.

Comment: Re:I didn't realise they didn't already did that. (Score 4, Informative) 82

by gigaherz (#46987595) Attached to: Standards Group Adds Adaptive-Sync To DisplayPort
The protocol used for digital signaling is internally surprisingly similar in concept to the analog equivalent. The idea of "adaptive" sync is that instead of starting a new frame after a fixed exact period, it can be "or later". There's no other technology involved other than allowing a frame to come late.

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The thing is, you can have good ears and bad hands, and you KNOW you can't play the violin. But someone with good hands and bad ears may be playing wrong, and won't be able to tell. Because for all practical purposes, good hands mean nothing without good ears, any elite violinist should by definition have good ears.

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by gigaherz (#46541393) Attached to: Firefox 29 Beta Arrives With UI Overhaul And CSS3 Variables

That may be an option. I will have to test it before I give up on Firefox completely, although I fear an add-on that changes so much may break things in the long run.

I did test it some months ago, when I first discovered Australis. Back then it lacked many details that made me prefer to downgrade to a more stable channel, but I will try it before I completely dismiss Firefox. If it even really happens, because as much as I dislike getting things shoved down my throat, the alternatives feel even worse. In them, there's no customization at all.

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by gigaherz (#46540093) Attached to: Firefox 29 Beta Arrives With UI Overhaul And CSS3 Variables

I don't know why people take my comment so badly. I dislike Australis, not Firefox.

I have been using nightly builds of Firefox for years, with some short breaks when an unwanted change was being introduced. Sometimes the change was discarded, other times I decided to embrace it. I got used to the new downloads panel, for example.

Up until now, I have been able to revert all the changes they made, where I didn't want them. A big example of this is they keyhole back/forward button. I keep the Home button in between back/forward and the addressbar, so that they don't merge. In contrast, I did like the stop/refresh being combined, and I was ok with them being put into the addressbar. I use F5 to refresh anyhow.

But above all, I value customization. That's why I use Firefox, and why I choose to use it instead of Chrome or IE11. I like to see things the way I want them, and they don't usually match the designer's choice. As I said, up until now, the changes were either positive, or they did not affect me enough to reject them. Australis is something else.

With Australis, they are removing customization, in favor of a more unified UI across all devices. This has two issues, in my eyes, which are both based on one simple fact: I have a very large monitor, at 2560x1440px. And it could still be bigger. I have enough space in my screen to hold a webpage, multiple addressbars, and in those, keep all the buttons I would ever use.

I don't want an UI optimized to reduce space. I don't want an UI that looks the same in my desktop and my tablet -- they are very different devices with very different purposes. I want to put things where I like them. And they are taking that away from me.

By my principle, I want to use the closest thing I can get to the Firefox I Used To Love. So yes, PaleMoon is my top alternative so far. And don't you dare talk about chickening while posting as AC.

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