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Comment: Re:I DON'T want windows 10 (Score 1) 96 96

I decided to install the Insider Preview on my laptop, as a means to evaluate Windows 10 before the final version touches my desktop, and so far I'm liking it. It does have a couple of annoyances, but overall it's good, and the in-place upgrade was flawless for me.

That said, to the point: I have a handful of updates in my WU that I decided not to install just yet. All of them popped up around the same time, and all of them are related to the upgrade process between Windows 7 and Windows 10. Once I decide to upgrade to Windows 10, I will unblock KB3035583 and friends, and let Microsoft upgrade to the new OS in-place.

Comment: Re:Who buys them? (Score 2, Informative) 666 666

That only makes it worse. Homeopathy is based on pseudoscience that is just plain stupid, if people use that name for other things, and there are examples of things that DO WORK (even if they aren't based on the same principles that make homeopathy impossible to work), they will use them as examples that homeopathy DOES work, which will only help misinform people.

Comment: Re: Silly Monkeys (Score 1) 53 53

I'd say that the fire element represents energy. Heat is the most obvious form of energy so it makes sense to use it as a representation of all energy interactions.

The other 3 elements represent the primary states of matter. Plasma wasn't discovered until much later, so it wasn't included in the list of elements at the time. Although, it could be said that the aether is dark matter, which would bring the total to 6?

Comment: Re:Silly Monkeys (Score 2) 53 53

Most? What is the sun but a very very large ball of fire? In the end, everything but hydrogen has been born in a star's blaze, and hydrogen itself was born in the primordial heat of the big bang. Everything in the universe has been ultimately put where it is thanks to heat and very high pressures.

Comment: Re:how was it detected then found? (Score 4, Informative) 143 143

The original news article (in Catalan) says she was stopped while trying to cross into France, where they took the car, and "routinely searched" it for an hour and a half before it was returned. Afterwards a month later she was approached by the same police body in Valencia, right after she parked outside the conference. That's when she decided it was too much to be just coincidence, and searched the car.

Comment: Re:How did they notice that? (Score 5, Informative) 143 143

The news article (in Catalan) says she searched her car after two incidents where the local police approached her for identification in unusual places, as if they knew where she was going. The second time it just seemed way too suspicious so she decided to search the car.

Comment: If they don't allow it... (Score 2) 166 166

... I'll be forced to question their intelligence. Communism or no, exporting services means the country gets an intake of money, without this transaction resulting in the country having less resources as a result. Making additional copies of software is virtually free.

A language that doesn't affect the way you think about programming is not worth knowing.