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Comment: Re:Woop Di Do Da! (Score 1) 165

Is there any other technology, besides renewable energy, that makes certain Slashdot readers so darn mad? It's like they would prefer that it just didn't exist.

If you say Apple has 13% of the personal computer market, they're popping corks and doing the peepee dance. If you say a newer technology, solar energy, has reached 5%, while facing enormous geo-political resistance and the enmity of the most powerful corporations in the world, it actually pisses you off for some reason.

I'm curious. What is it about solar energy that spurs such surprising anger among this segment of Slashdot readers? What did solar energy do to you?

Comment: Re:Woop Di Do Da! (Score 2) 165

There are complex issues to wide scail deployment.
First is what I think is a short term political problem. Where the energy industry is fighting the change, and lining the pockets of political parties that are willing to make sure things don't change. Technically solar power is more akin to conservative ideals, as it allows the individual to generate their own power without having to handle what big brother says.
Secondly solar requires consumers to buy in. In terms of price even with tax incentives for my home and usage it is about the same price. So there is a hidden cost for me to find a source and deal with the salesmen trying to find a good deal. So it makes it more expensive then current energy. Other forms of energy you don't need a huge buy in. They buy some land, build a plant and the community has power. Just as long there are more people benifitting from it then who are harmed society is happy.
Third trees. Contrarary to the world view of Americans, we like trees a country that is 50th in population density means a lot of us lives in more rural areas, and our homes have a fair amount of tree cover that we do not want to get rid of.

Comment: -1 : Dunning Kruger. (Score 1) 258

by TapeCutter (#49384201) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Dealing With User Resignation From an IT Perspective?
To anyone who has ever had anything to do with industrial strength desktop support, that post is a giant neon sign that your haven't got a clue.

The AC (not me) is giving solid advice on the subject at hand - for free - when know-it-all's such as yourself empty their bile on them, it discourages that educational charity.

Disclaimer: Degree qualified computer scientist working as C/C++ software engineer for the last 25yrs.

Comment: Re:"We must not throw the baby out with the bathwa (Score 1) 56

by TapeCutter (#49382097) Attached to: EU Commission Divided Over Nation-Specific Content Blocking
Downloading is legal in most places, if you think about for a bit the internet simply wouldn't work if it was illegal. The catch is that most torrent clients upload by default, not a problem here in Oz because nobody has ever been sued for "illegal downloading". The MAFIAA have said they will start the US system threatening letters here but they haven't because they know it would be seen by Aussie courts as extortion, which is a 'real' crime. The current communications minister has basically said that if they want legislative help with piracy then they will need to get rid of regional locking and stop price gouging Aussies on content.

The thing about uploading in Oz is that the copyright holder can only sue for REAL damages, the imagined "lost sales" does not come into the equation. If the real damages do not exceed $100 there's nothing the Aussie MAFIAA can do but cry.

Comment: Re:The future is now. (Score 1) 149

by ceoyoyo (#49380245) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Who's Going To Win the Malware Arms Race?

Why should the majority suffer because of a tiny minority who want to do stuff nobody else does?

There will always be hardware for that minority. It might not be as pretty and polished as the consumer stuff, and you might even have to *gasp* build it yourself, but you'll still be able to get it if you want it.

Felson's Law: To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is research.