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Comment: Re:Such Bullshit Speculation (Score 1) 415

by ggpauly (#45771219) Attached to: Alan Turing Pardoned

You misunderstand. The inference is that the apple was spiked with cyanide. IIRC the apple was reportedly discarded untested by the investigating authorities.

The posting is misleading too. Intentional suicide is the canonical explanation for his death by cyanide poisoning, however it is really only one hypothesis of several and is not particularly well supported by publicly known evidence. Curiously, the posting also omits Turing's contributions to chemistry. He developed cyclic reactions based on reaction-diffusion patterns, and had a lab for his chemistry research at the time of his death. Articles mentioning his name in chemistry were published in Science this past year. I do not believe that a chemist would choose cyanide for suicide. I would not. Turing was a polymath much smarter than I am. His supposed depression is likewise supported by no actual evidence.

Other hypotheses, such as murder by British authorities, make at least as much sense given publicly available information. Accidental poisoning is also possible. The recent book on this topic uses twisted logic to conclude that he committed suicide. The Turing situation puts the British government in the uncomfortable ethical position of having to prove their innocence. However they put themselves in this moral situation, so I have no sympathy for them. They have done precious little effort to address this matter. They seem to want it to fade into history.

A pardon is overdue, and completely beside the main moral question they face.

Turing is one of the greatest polymaths of our age. He saved Britain several times with his cryptography genius and leadership. He made many useful contributions to mankind, many ahead of his time. He was repaid by persecution and humiliation.

Comment: It's the Clapper! (clap-clap) (Score 1) 330

by ggpauly (#45013519) Attached to: U.S. Spy Panel Is Loaded With Insiders

To restore freedom the national security apparatus should be dismantled. NSA, CIA, HSA, military - shut them all down.

This would be great for the economy in the long run. In the short run religious insanes might take advantage, however local or in some cases state or national police can and should handle these incidents. Crazy people who do not fear death can cause damage, however they are inherently self-limiting. Freedom is for the brave.

The savings to govenrment would allow us to fund the entire national government without income taxes. Debt payments and payback can be funded by import duties on foreign governments controlled by religions. Such duties would cut off the religious terrorists at the root and generally improve the planet.

Obama's committee will never consider this. We need a new committee to implement this plan.

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by ggpauly (#44745473) Attached to: Murdoch's AP Computer Science MOOC Goes Live

Python already has a dictator - no role for Rupert.

Lisp is illegal in Russia.

Google uses it so it must be good.

Java is maintained by a large corporation.

Java is not a functional language.

Too many third-world software designers already - first world kids should learn to become something non-exportable like plumbers, waits, or politicians.

Smart phones!

Rupert thought it was just like Javascript, only shorter.

Teaching a language they could use would be too dangerous. Leave cracking to the Nazional Sekurit Apparatus.

Paid off.

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by ggpauly (#44003099) Attached to: New Bill Would Declassify FISC Opinions

@cold fjord:

Some politicians and CIA/NSA people use a foul mixture of fear and lies to advance a totalitarian agenda.

The wikipedia article cited ( illustrates this, in that the original claim, in modern times, of a National Security privilege was based on a lie and powered by fear.

Other examples are the sinking of the Maine, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, and Iraq WMDs. Hitler stirred up Germany this way, and North Korea is a fear and lies government in its purest form. Every war the US has been involved in since WW I is based on this political/military/state secret police strategy. Shamefully, some of them have been perpetrated by our government.

Fear and lies are good for other totalitarian agenda items too: war on drugs, fear of immigrants/locking down borders, and (to get back to the present topic, the PATRIOT act and PRISM.

You have been infected with a morbid fear of Al Qaeda. Personally, I'm more pissed off at them than afraid. I bought a Diesel and used biodiesel after 2001.

Have courage! We can take care of those assholes without suspending our constitution. Liberty is a risky affair. If you aren't willing to face up to those risks move to China. China is extremely safe - very low crime. Al Qaeda has no foothold there. Good luck.

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