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Go ahead a look up what kind of telescope you need for this, your choice for wavelength. Poster was saying, mass drivers were useless in space war because you could dodge. Painting it black was a joke because it does not matter at all.

A 10 kg sphere of DU is conveniently almost exactly 5 cm in diameter. Let me save you some trouble, the Hubble has a resolution of about 0.1 arcseconds, which means a football stadium on the moon (about 384,000 km) is needed to resolve as a single pixel on the Hubble CCD's (radar has worse resolution, higher frequency gives better resolution). So for convenience, lets assume our slug is exactly 20000 times smaller in diameter, which means it would have to be 20000 times closer (19.2 km) to be imaged by the Hubble -- giving you a grand total of 0.001 seconds to dodge the incoming round. A additional problem, you have to be pointing your telescope directly at the slug in order to see it. High mag. scopes have a limited field of field. Also, due to orbital mechanics and a long time of flight you could easily lob thousands of slugs on different trajectories all designed to arrive at the time time.

K/E weapons are truly difficult to defend against. Now, a 10 kg slug at 20 kps exceeds the capabilities for any existing railgun I know of, it won't for long though, maybe a few decades. It will still be a heavy piece of equipment for some time to come. But given sufficient motivation they will eventually end up is space unless we find something better first.

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by gewalker (#47433989) Attached to: Arecibo Radio Telescope Confirms Extra-galactic Fast Radio Pulses

It is a very narrow beam, but they don't point it in our direction. Imagine a then wedge of laser/maser, etc. light being broadcast outward radially on a continuous basis. As the planet rotates, the wedge sweeps pretty much every angle. As you see the wedge only when it points directly at you, it appears to blink very rapidly

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by gewalker (#47433699) Attached to: William Binney: NSA Records and Stores 80% of All US Audio Calls

Your point is well taken. Here is one suggested action. Try to wake up the sheep, enough to actually make a difference. Post the article to facebook. Here is how I posted it to my account.

I'm not much of a conspiracy guy, but our gov. is getting really out of control and scary. This is in my mind a pretty credible source. -- that does not guarantee that is in fact true, but I believe that it is.

Clearly there are other ways. Write / call the appropriate politicians, etc. You know more possibilities, no need for me to rant here.

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Remembering it is not enough. Lots of people "remember" Johnny Carson and Rachael Welch (or Gabor or someone else) petty their cat while visiting Johnny and when asked,"Would you like to pet my pussy?" Replied yes if you get that cat out of the way.

Supposedly censors allowed this to pass because the potentially offending word was actually ok because it can and did refer to a cat.

Never happened. If you think about censorship as it was have been in the 70's they would never have allowed this. Though her supposed comment was not offensive and could have theoretically passed (still highly doubleful), there is not way that Johnny's response would have been allowed.

Yet, many people "remember" this event just fine. They were watching Johnny. They add details, they were watching with Mom or Dad who refused "to explain" it. Yet it never happened.

Truth is becoming harder and harder to prove with modern technology. People watched the planes running into the 2nd tower on live television. Yet, the technology exists to edit realtime video to make this possible as a cover story. Eyewitness accounts are unrealiable. Deja vu is something that happens because of a glitch in the matrix.

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by gewalker (#47433339) Attached to: Hints of Life's Start Found In a Giant Virus

I don't know why you would say this, ring species look like a perfect example of micro evolution to me. No novel features, just minor variations in kind.

Macro evolution is novel features such as a changing from a bellows lung into a flow-thru lung or developing placental birth instead of egg-laying. Lesser changes can still be novel, just citing exemplars.

Micro v Macro is a distinction usually made by creationists.

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by gewalker (#47432867) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Unattended Maintenance Windows?

It's even more fun when the CEO stops by, in person, to see how long it is going to take to get things working again. Though not might fault either time I've been there actually fixing the problem, it certainly is attention getting. Neither CEO was being a jerk, he just really needed to know what was going on without any b/s filters by intermediate management. Try imaging that visit if you had just been running an automated script to apply the patch.

So yeah, if it is important, you need to be there, and if drive time is a potential issue, you need to physically be there, not just monitoring the change from home.

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by gewalker (#47325023) Attached to: Tech Workforce Diversity At Facebook Similar To Google And Yahoo

I have no doubt that there are IT positions where the people responsible for hiring are biased in terms of gender or race. You know its true because they are people and some people suck.

From my observations, It is more likely that they are biased against Chinese or Indian developers than they are against blacks or women though. However, this is not general racial bias as much as it is language / culture bias in that they find them difficult to understand or work with.

I am more than ready to just let life go on without the constant cry or "racist" or "sexist" coming from the nattering nabobs of negativism.

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There are evolutionary limits on how much bacteria (or other disease agents) can change. By the time you knock out the "low-hanging fruit" for possible resistance mechanisms, it is entirely possible that humans win in the war long-term. Assuming of course we don't lose the war in the short-term.

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