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Comment: Re:WoW? (Score 4, Informative) 277 277

That's not how I remember it. There were arcades everywhere and video games in every bar back in the 80's and everybody (not just nerds) dropped quarters in them. Pac man and even more so ms pac man, pole position, galaga, sinistar, tempest, defender, asteroids and a pile of other games being played non-stop by all sorts of people, not just so called nerds.

Comment: Re:talk to me when you lose 100 and keep it off (Score 1) 496 496

What kind of injuries? Curious to know what would prevent you from doing any sort of exercise. When my feet were f-ed up with plantar fascitis I couldn't run, but I could still do a rowing machine. When I broke my wrist I stopped biking for a few months and used an elliptical instead.

Comment: Re:I am offended over a lot of things. (Score 1) 765 765

I think that it's an Americanism. In Canada the native people of the high Arctic call themselves Innuit. (I think it means people). Eskimo is considered mildly derogatory (or at least clueless) here - maybe not like calling a black person a nigger, more like calling a Chinese person a Chinaman.

Comment: Re:It is just pay back man! Karma is a bitch or wh (Score 1) 365 365

No need for tinfoil hat. No need for additives. Forty years of straight up selective breeding, cultivation and hybridization have yielded a huge variety of diiferent marijuana strains with all different effects.Check out leafly some time. No chemistry, no secret additives, just 19th century agriculture producing "better" plants.

Comment: He better not Pull a Jordan (Score 2) 180 180

If he dies before finishing the series, I swear, by all that is holy and all that is not, that I will find his soul wherever it lands and drag him back to this vale of tears. And then, when his undead shade has finished the series I will kill him myself for being such a dick.

Comment: Re:Left Hander Doesn't Care About Your Problem (Score 1) 431 431

I use a Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000. Completely symetrical, so it works left exactly the same a right. I mouse left, but I got used to the "left click" on the left. It works fine with the buttons remapped (ie left click on right button) I just don't use it that way. It's nothing special otherwise, and I'm sure gamerz will laugh at it, but it works ok for me.

In 1750 Issac Newton became discouraged when he fell up a flight of stairs.