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Comment Re:1% problems (Score 1) 345

You don't have to be rich or be traveling abroad to experience this. I put down a deposit for renting a fishing cabin for 2 days on a lake 200 miles upcountry. The same day I was trying to buy gas at home with a credit card and the transaction got flagged and i had to call the card company before the gas purchase could be completed.

Comment Re:Who builds a clock that doubles as a briefcase? (Score 1) 657

It wasn't A CLOCK IN A BRIEFCASE. It was a small pencil case. See picture here To be fair, the picture from the cops doesn't give much scale. It is in fact the perfect case for a small electronic project. Also, why does A CLOCK IN A BRIEFCASE frighten you so much?

Comment Re:I wonder if they're going to use this as "proof (Score 1) 657

He built a digital clock. It looks just like the one I built in electronics class when I was in high school. Only somebody who has seen way too many cheesy movies thinks that digital clock = bomb. I agree that cops might be stupid enough. It could be a bomb trigger. All that was missing was a detonator. Oh wait, the teacher's cell phone could be a bomb trigger too if you added a detonator. Cell phones are often used as bomb triggers. Why didn't the cops haul the teacher off in cuffs too?

Comment User Perspective. (Score 1) 267

It is the Company's network connection, block whatever you like.
But, and this is important, have an easy mechanism where a user can submit an url, an admin can verify it is a legitimate business related site, and have the site whitelisted immediately. That way you can block "Big Butt Russian Teens" or whatever, but when the SmartFilter(tm) randomly decides that contains "adult content, sports, gambling and lotteries" (happened to me) the legit business use is not impeded.

Comment Re:Higher prices for more discomfort (Score 1) 394

Many years ago my regular airline stopped supplying free meals on cross country flights. Since I didn't want to pay $17 for a ham sandich (we like to call it banquet on a bun), and as a mild form of protest, I started bringing my own lunch. Pickled herring and hungarian farmer sausage are ever so yummy, and the garlic, smoked meat and fish smells would fill the nearest third of the aircraft. I got a few dirty looks (thank goodness, or what's the point), but there were no rules against. Since the airline didn't gve a damn, and I was mostly annoying fellow passengers, I eventually toned it down to a less aromtic lunch. (I'm still not going to pay $17 for a ham sandwich).

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